Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black Friday Nov '07

And a great good morning to you!  I was busy as were all of you with Thanksgiving yesterday.  It was a little different for us though. 

I got up early and started preparing to put the turkey in the oven.  The turkey I had followed directions implicitly over and thawed IN the refrigerator.  It was  Jenny-O, not just any ol' guy out of the grocer's cases.  I opened the packaging and a rank smell issued forth.  The turkey was spoiled.  0800 on Thanksgiving morning is NOT the time to discover a spoiled turkey.  But...it is what it is.  So..when my son woke, he went to the one grocery store that was open in town and ordered up 2 rotisserie chickens.  Not bad at all!!  We had that, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese (yep...good too) cranberry sauce, dressing, seems like something else and I can't remember.  But it was all good, that is for certain.  All my boys  and my grandson were here and that is what made it a great day. 

The morning started well on another way though.  Just as I was discovering the spoiled turkey, I looked out in my side yard and saw a deer standing there in the new morning.  A four pointer.  No way did I think " Oh, grab the camera!" I just stood there and enjoyed watching him.  He looked back and a minute or so later just did as they all do around here..walked at his leisure across the street and down the next cross street. Nice start and nice greeting.  Made the turkey thing less odious.

My exercise is temporarily down the tubes.  I'll re-start next Monday but with the hauling myself up the street groaning all the way, I have started to lose a little weight.  That's a good thing. :-)

Got the sewer problem fixed Wednesday just before the N.C. son arrived.  Whew!!!  The guy's helper that came out to  do the roter rooter-ing on the pipes...took a long time.  Turned out to be quite a ball of roots.  No surprise when you look at pictures I have taken around the house.  Trees everywhere and big ones too.

I hope you all enjoyed your day with your family as much as I did with mine. Missed ya!  I have my running shoes on and I am starting my blog rounds.  Smile

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