Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boxing Day 12/07

Hello all of you in the blogging family.  I have been missing for longer than I ever have since I started.  I'm sure no one was hanging on by their fingernails because of it however.Smile

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.  I did and I still am enjoying one of the benefits.  The boys are still here as is my grandson.  He brought the trombone but I have not heard a peep (honk/sputter) out of it since he got here.  For one thing, my son gave him, the grandson a Rock Star Guitar I think it is called.  Grandson has been totally glued to that since he opened it.  My son also  bought headphones to wear with it (him, not us) and for the most part he has been using them rather than subject us to that stuff.  His next most fave was a head light, halogen blue/white looking, for hiking.  He had that sucker on all night!!!

They all took off to historic  Rugby, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby,_Tennessee, for a day trip.  I slept so badly (too much caffeine yesterday)  that I feel too tired to do much of anything.  A little down time can't hurt.  Doing my hair before I head to the Salon tomorrow anyway (don't like to let them shampoo...takes too much time when I can do it here).  After I get ready I will go to, where else, the grocery.  We are having cheesy enchiladas tonight. Got to get some salsa.

Some of you have seen to see my son's blog..the son who does the photography as a hobby.  He had books, (hardcover, slick paper stock) made of his best 2007 photos including his trip to Alaska and presented them to we family members for Christmas.  That was his big present to us as the books are not inexpensive.  The thing is outstanding.  The cover is gorgeous as well...front and back.  I wish I could have a book(s) with all his collection in there.  I love the macros too.  Some of you have seen a few of them in his blog. A few people were stealing them regardless that he asked them to ask him first and to give credit, and posting them on their blogs.  He took down quite a few but still has some up.  I think he will soon give up the blog due to being busy. About time for me to head out and down the street.  All exercise has come to a screeching halt for this week.  Wilted rose

Sending you hugs and good wishes..

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