Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cabinet Angst Dec '07

Well..I tried to do a blog and it would not accept "publish" "draft", nor would it allow me to "copy" so I woudn't have to re-do.
I wish I had a way of knowing all this instead of seeing the appropriate buttons not function when it is too late and the blog is done.
It has been a wonderful day.  Gorgeous outside and sunny with the temperature in the high 40's if I remember correctly.  I did not go hauling myself up the street nor did I get on the treadmill.  I just decided to take a break.  Believe me..,my legs are as muscular as any actual athlete...man, I can't believe how muscular they are.  Like rocks.  And by the way, when they say aerobic activity i.e. running and walking diminishes visceral (i.e. belly fat), they aren't kidding.  I have done nothing for anything except my arms and yet, all the treadmilling for 14 months has done just what they said..taken a generous amount of any belly fat I had and pared it down.  Just so you know it does happen just as "they" say.  Trick is to keep it up the way I have..unremittingly. 
Yesterday, I was moaning and groaning to myself about a lack of food storage room when GASP!Light bulb It finally dawned on me! Clean out anything in the upper half cabinets and use the resultant room for needed storage.  That started a domino effect whereupon I stayed on the step stool and down on my knees for the bottom row of cabinets and got the other messy cabinets (3) cleaned out.  Two large kitchen trash bags full of no longer used items laid out for the trash collection tomorrow if the guys want to use them for a yard sale.  I have a lot of things out of the closet now and it is less crowded and those foodstuffs are stored in the cabinets.  Why doe sit take me so long to do things like this!  Sheesh!
I took a gift bag to a woman friend of mine today at her workplace.  Her Christmas present is in there and one for my doggy "nephew" Sampson.  I love this time of year.  Always a joy to have my family about me too.  We will try to have turkey this Christmas.  I am holding off on even buying one till the last moment due to the spoilage of my Thanksgiving turkey.  Remember?  We had roasted chickens instead.
I went to the marina last before heading home and have a photo to show you just how beautiful it is in Tennessee today. 
You will see a few of my friends who dropped in and down to see me as I walked along.
I will see if I can find you today's picture.  I have been to see most of you..come on over and bring fudge, will ya?
sea gulls dec 19, 07 013

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