Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebtate Nov 07

Those of the family who are here took the oldest son out to celebrate his new job which he loves!!! That is sure a change from the one he had.  Love wasn't in that equation.  This job and he are made for one another. And as an added bonus, the owners of the business are super nice as are his co-workers.  When you can really really like your job..gosh, that's all there is to it!  Smile

I've been gone a good part of the day and early evening but home now obviously.  Doing wash and getting a few things in order for tomorrow.  Starting to plan for Thanksgiving as well.  Seeing who is going to be here and when.

Hope you liked the pictures.  I got a little heavy handed with the cloud formations I know but there were just outstanding as far as I could see.  And the single one I put in yesterday with the single line blog..that one was the best of all.  It looked like a good ol' home baked fruit cobbler.  All the biscuit topping up there, separated just by a little from its neighbor.  You could just see the blue of the sky through all the almost squares of the clouds.  And that was the actual color of the clouds too, i.e. slightly grayish.

On those walks as I am at pains to say...no pun intended I assure you..I found my hamstrings and shins were not prepared for uneven surfaces and hills like those.  I am used to the treadmill now.  A sissy.  That's exactly what I am.  I trod off up the street confidentially and found myself somewhat glad to stop occasionally to... um..yes...take a picture! (catch my breath actually, as I was going so rapidly up the street  that it looked as though I was trying to escape an axe murderer  behind me) I have learned since to pace myself.  Golly!  My zinging shins!  That's OK.  They will work in and I will keep on going farther and farther as I used to do.  (8 miles a day). 

Other than giving my legs a break today (I needed to) I am fine as can be (of course..ask any feller) and I will be ready to take on off up there again tomorrow.  I will leave the camera behind.  If I need to stand still Embarrassed I can always pretend I am making a cell phone call. 

Guys..see you tomorrow.  Been to see most if not all of you already, today.

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