Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dang! Dec '07

went thru this morning and did a whole blog.  Hit 'Publish' and poof! Off into cyberspace never to be seen.  If this one does too, I will wait till I get back home to do another.  I am still in Charlotte where they are going to break a heat record.  Not kidding.  Expecting 80 degrees today. 
It rained every mile but the last 30 for me on my way down here.  The flip side is, I arrived safely.
We went to a church service at my son's church last evening.  A candlelight service and Love Feast.  The candles are genuine bees wax and the fragrance is just like honey not unsurprisingly.  There were buns, fragrant and slightly sweet, and hot cider served.  All three items are made according to the old ways in a city away from here that people from Moravia settled.  It is here in the State of North Carolina and takes about 2 hours to get to.  I would love to see them making those candles and the cider was so delicious.  Spiced and not "throat grabby" at all. 
Tonight however is the school concert where my grandson will be brandishing his trombone.  Unfortunately we will be there from 1800 to 2100.  I thought I understood it would last an hour and it does.  No one told me till today that one MUST stay till EVERYONE is finished.  (band members families).
I went to my son's school where he is a teacher and met them both for lunch.  I got lost or took a wrong turn I should say, on the way to and...ta-dah!  on the way back.  NOT fun on multiple lane streets!!
Someone get down here and drive me back!  I am whupped.  Oh well, been whupped before..will be again.
Hugs to all.Sun

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