Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Day Before Nov 07

I took yesterday's blog down because it was a whiner about DWTS.  I have my opinion still but I think I will just get off the topic.

There was NO one at the door last night nor up and down the street,.  Not one single kid!  Now, there are 2 across the street.  No idea about them but that is it in this neighborhood now.  For this house...everyone is used to me being gone working on any given holiday.  Never got that many off.  On a shift rotation, you have to wait 5 years to get off on any holiday once you happen to hit it.  If I got Christmas off this year, it would be the day after Christmas the next year, the day after  THAT the year following and so on. Takes a while.  Long about the time you finally get worked around to where you might have Christmas off..they change your shift it seems and there you are...stuck in whatever part of the cycle your new shift happens to be on.  Then, the wait begins again.

There is a way of speaking of doing something well around these parts..and in that vein I say I slept like gangbusters last night.  Night before, if I got 4 hrs. I would be ahead of the game.  Last night, I was ready to hit the sack and I did.  I don't think I turned over once and the cat got me up at 0745!  She decided to let me sleep some. 

Seems Prince Harry in the UK is said to be under suspicion for having shot some protected species of hawks while out gaming very recently.   The UK has The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, whose Patron in the Queen, no less.  Yet the Prince and a companion are under investigation for killing 2 of the protected hawks on a royal estate.  If that young man needs something to do, I think things can be found rather than killing defenseless hawks.  Lot of good it would do to fine him and his friend $10,300 dollars (approximation) as that won't being the protected species bird back.   The newspaper said there are only 20 breeding pair of that hawk, a hen harrier, in all of the UK.   Well, there were 20 breeding pair.  Now I guess there are 18.  I WANT to say a LOT more but I am conscious of libel.
Meanwhile..I need to get ready to leave.  It is gorgeous out there and I have guys to dazzle just waiting on me.!!  Open-mouthed  So I need to get out of the door.  I just stopped in to say hello.Red heart

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