Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dewy Nov. 2007

am dewy and glowing.  In other words sweaty and red in the face.  I took on off up the street rapidly and maintained that pace decently well.  There is some progress to be seen in my endurance etc. 
Some of you may have noticed that I am signing guestbooks with a flourish.  That is entirely due to this lovely lady.  She gave me explicit instructions and I have been a signing fool ever since!  I also have instructions from another sweet friend and soon as I do as she instructed..I will drive her and everyone else nuts with those new skills.  Cindy, you know who you are!  Smile  I forgot to start off in Live Writer and too lazy to cut and paste into it and start anew.  So I will attempt to show off maybe tomorrow.
I walked longer and farther today.  And while out (with my iPod freshly loaded with new to me music!) I came across a sight for you Yankees out there.  Of course, since I am doing the blog this way, all photos will be at the bottom of the page.  Because I'm lazy and shiftless.
I have a gang of stuff to get done.  Have to hit the post office for a return, go to the dump with an old featherbed.  Pet food store, and if I put it on my list I need to go by Curves as I told Beth Marie I was going to do and never did.
I also have something else on my mind, not a rant, that I may get to tomorrow.  Been meaning to bring it up to see what Sundev & me Nov.24.07 034
what you think.  This photo is a Magnolia seed pod.   You Yankees up North...tsk tsk tsk.  You don't have one. They make good weapons for kids to pelt one another with too!!

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