Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hard to Write

Hard to write when you have a warm ten pound little purrson sitting at the top of their little steps purring hard and you have to stop and kiss that furry head every minute or so with lots of loud smoochy sounds.

Oh this cat has come into my room to sound the horns at 0600 or a few minutes earlier,  To her, it's 0700.  She has not adjusted to the Fall Back time change.  Me..I am UP that extra hour and she's killing me with this early -up @ o'dark early.  I have circles over the circles already there under my eyes.  However I would rather she were here doing that than not living any more.  So..we move on.

What a fabulous day.  Not too many left where you get up to temps in the 30's and they rise to 72 by noon.  It was glorious out.  Sunny, warm, fresh scent.  I went with the camera out looking for anything to take a picture of. ( what bad grammar I just committed there!)  Only got a few things.  Trying to stock up as it were before Winter sets in and all is dead.

Hope all is well.  It was a peaceful and loving Veteran's Day in these parts.  More than I have observed in the past  I am grateful for that.

This is a picture in my computer room. 


  1. I know just what you mean about those wonderful cat kisses, given or received. Aren't they just the best thing ever? And here it is, getting chillier by the day and that means extra chilly nights just perfect (or purrrrfect as you would say) for burrowing under the covers with a favorite human. I'm speaking of the cat(s) burrowing, not some other human, LOL.

  2. I had time to reflect back and I did to my Grandfather and my Dad and all I know who have served. Carole I did stop and pray for all whos lives have been touched by the tragedy of war of any kind and there are so many.
    I love to hear a my cats purr. Sadie is the best. She is tiny. I need to get a photo I know but Im still not feeling like I should. Darn it.
    Where did this come from . Had to be stress someplace.
    Anyways Im glad you had a good day. Thinking about you a lot . Everyday in fact.
    Kisses to Our Frist Lady LB.
    I would love to hear her purr. Its soothing .
    Have a wondeful weekend. Im off to try and get some rest.
    Sleep well my Heart Sister and thanks.

  3. Are you saying another cats in your home?
    it looks to me tiger's stripe, Is that male cat?
    What are you going to this cats?
    You seems tired and I am dead tired too...
    We having in the summer weather from yesterday
    29c-32c today but as usual rains from tomorrow.
    That I don't mind because my rushes is back from yesterday.

  4. Sorry Sis! I am totally confused with your post:-)
    about cat. Of course you are talking about about Miss Catts.
    You have early night,

  5. I really like the picture! I am glad too that Miss Catt is still feeling well.

  6. I think I'm only now getting used to the time change thing so I have some understanding of her majesty. Our days don't seem to get up to forty hardly lately...I'm thinking it may be another cold winter but you never know. I'm glad to hear you had a good V Day my friend. Blessings to you!

  7. I've never thought about the time change and animals. Maybe we should just leave the time alone? :-)


  8. I remember this picture. The time change means nothing to Kassey as she gets me up way before day, if she can and as soon as it's dark, she says it's bedtime. It's wonderful just having her company though. I'm glad Miss Catt is OK.

  9. MAYBE Time change isn't what gets them it's the day light and everyone around them doing strange things at the WRONG times.

  10. I am glad you persevered through the distractions... at least she wasn't sitting on the keyboard helping you type. Hmmmmm I had one that loved to do that... Love, Marilyn

  11. Carole, it's Sunday now and there was a thingy on dashboard showing you'd done an update today. You were just saying hello and then said something about not going to rant. So I clicked and do you know what came up? I almost fainted. It said "Ramblingon" is no longer a blog site. I'm not kidding. And that's the 2nd time this has happened today. So I waited a minute and tried it again. This time I made it to your site, it was just that post that was gone. NP, you probably just deleted it, but that first time? Omg, scared me to death!

  12. Just stopping in to say hi.
    I havent been over to flickr. I guess I should soon.
    Have a great evening.
    Oh and Im not of FB. Too much to do here and catch up on other things.