Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hark! Are Those Sheep Jumping Over Fences That I Hear? Dec '07

am back from over the mountains.  Made it back early afternoon.  But it took me three quarters of an hour to get everything out of the car.  Nope...I did not do any shopping at all.  No time.  When I got there Sunday mid afternoon I needed a little time to settle before we headed out to that early candlelight service I blogged about last.  Then, everyone home and to bed as they had school the next day.  For me, as I blogged, I went out and took several embarrassing wrong turns in heavy heavy traffic.  And that night we had the concert ands school today so, as mentioned, no shopping.  What took so long was carrying in shopping bag after shopping bag of THEIR gifts for up here.  They'll just be stored here till they come and save them having to carry them up.

The concert was as long as I mentioned in yesterday's blog.  What I did not know then was the 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands did as superb a job as I have ever heard.  My son (a teacher)   had told me they were amazing, especially for their respective ages and I want you to know, they were!!!  ALL of them,  Not only my little trombonist.  They were all past excellent.  The 6th graders were amazing.  Then, the 7th and 8th were icing on the cake.  I can't get over the dedication and skill and leadership of the two band directors working with ALL those students.  I also say to you that I am just as astounded at the dedication, skill and practice of those young people that enabled them to sound so wonderful.  I am not exaggerating about how great they sounded.  I wish I could have recorded it.  You should have seen their training.  They are so professional seeming in look.  The band conductors and trainers indicate to the students when they are about to start, and the students all came to the ready,  instruments poised whatever they were.  There were no discernable sour or discordant notes in there.  There were even 4 to sometimes 5 students (from each grade level) between setting up for the next grade to play, that performed CHAMBER MUSIC!  WELL done!  When we all clapped in that big auditorium, we meant it.  My hands hurt after slapping I applauded so hard.

By the way, I got to meet my son's Principal. (I hope I spelled that correctly for this occasion.  You know..Principal-Principle) Anyway, that dude is good LOOKINGGGG!  WOW.  Hubba HUBBA ding dong ding!!!

But, I am back..and horribly sleepy-- hence my title.  My grandson gave up his bedroom for me this time and I was very comfortable.  Just I didn't sleep all the way through the night the both nights I was there due to being in a strange room I guess and too..I am used to my bed with all its extras.  The memory foam, the whoopty-doo sheets, an opulent and a Grande Dame Miss Catt crowding me for room.  But I would never ever miss any chance I can get to be there. 

My new camera will be here tomorrow no doubt but I have to learn to use it.  A Nikon.  I have a Nikon but I decided to upgrade a little bit.  I also have a new printer all in one coming.  My oldest will get hold of it and wait till we see one another again.  hey that reminds me..I need to lay in supper and breakfast supplies.  You know how those visits go.  Fried 'taters and some eggs, anyone?  More than enough, always is.  Come on over. 

I took a photo of my dark (ewwww) hair and now I can't find where the silly thing went!!!  I went thru My Pictures, Documents, Recent..you name it.  I can't find it and I KNOW it's there.  WAIT!  I cropped it in Paint.Net.  Maybe it's still there despite my having said the usual "save as".

Today is Miss Catt's birthday.  She said she is ten years old today.  Many happy returns to her.

You know, I made it back in 4 1/2 hrs. as usual despite the horrible traffic.  It took me 5 hrs to get there...go figure.  The hours coming and going never ever change.

This little one is laying her head on my hand as it is on the mouse.  She missed her attention while I was going though she had a pet sitter each day I learned that she only came out one time to greet and meet.  Little Diva.  I wonder where she got THAT from??

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