Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Been Workin' on the Railroad sorta Nov 07

I have been working today!  Besides everything else, I got the house completely cleaned up..including the dreaded bathroom.  AND someone's laundry done and his ironing and the whole shootin' match taken to:  the Big City in the mid afternoon.  I also stopped off at the youngest's place and returned a DVD set narrated by Sir David Attenbourough. The BBC series on the Earth.  I had borrowed..or rather he had lent it to me some months ago.  I looked and returned but borrowed again.  It's a set I enjoyed seeing (anything Sir David does is a joy to see and hear) but in this case, I will not buy it.  I did buy The Birds narrated by him.  I blogged about it a month or so ago.  Excellent.  One of the best things one will ever see or hear. There is no one like David Attenbourough.  I had not known till yesterday that he is in his 80's and is not making quite as many trips as he was.  Understandably so.  He is a National Treasure of England and I like to think of him as one of ours as well.Smile

I was so occupied with cleaning washing and so on, that I did not get my walk.  I certainly will first thing in the morning!!  BUT I did not let my camera lie fallow.  I went to yon deck..again.  And I will show you what I see off my deck thru the living room windows and all the other windows in the house.  Then, no more tree pictures!!!

Some moron is sending his robot messages around again.  Hate messages aimed at another blogger.  He apparently really detests this man and his religion.  I wish he /she was man/woman enough to identify themselves instead of sending around anonymous hate messages for unsuspecting people.  If you have to have anonymity, why would I believe anything you say, you stupid jerk?

So..moving on...here is another dad blamed tree!!!Camera  These are oak and hickory that you can see.  The maple is in front. I have everything else but maples..just a few of those.

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  1. I believe you got plenty exercise working. Didn't get the tree photos.