Monday, November 8, 2010

The Diva is Back November 8th 2010

I was out seeking the very last flowers this morning after a hard frost last night. I found a few and I also found the literal last roses of summer. I found some freeze dead blossoms. Sad-- but it happens of course.The day is so beautiful despite the cold that I hated coming home. But I was busting to see how these turned out so I came on home anyway.

I'll tell you what! The time may have fallen back one hour but the cat failed to turn her personal watch back! I knew it was going to happen as it always does. She goes by the amount of light filtering into the rooms and announces morning reveille accordingly. It matters not one whit if you were late getting to bed: you are going to get up o'dark early anyhow! It's a service she provides. That way she earns her paycheck.

I have learned some time ago what suits my coloring both complexion and hair. It's been a while since I did the diva thing in my blog but I will right now because it makes me smile. I was wearing dressy black clothes (always good with my strawberry blonde hair) and big sterling dangle hoop earrings. My hair was (it always is) just so and one of the guys I was talking to said "I just have to say, you're prettier than a speckled pup!" Since he meant it, I had dimples all over my face. I never turn a compliment away. I am always happy to get 'em and happy to give 'em.

So, on that note (I feel like I went back 2 years in my MSN blogs with this one) I will cease and desist. ♥


  1. LOL! Compliments can be a good ego boost, when they are genuine. Gee, I don't remember the last one I got, given that my dark circles have dark circles. Well, I don't take compliments from men seriously anyway. And these days, at my age, it's only the 70 year olds who would give me more than a passing glance! ;-)

    BTW, my fur kids definitely have NOT figured out the time change, either!

  2. A very nice compliment and a well deserved one Twin. It just proves how we can boosts ones morale by a kind word or gesture.

  3. You can't help it if your a babe!

  4. Cat calls! That's what they are! Forgive me for the pun, I couldn't help it. But a babe you are and a babe you'll always be.
    Clocks and cats, lol: Sam and Lucy react differently. She is the princess and sleeps in late every morning (at least 10:30) and Sam wakes me as the dawn breaks without fail with cat kisses and nips, and a prodding to go downstairs for his food. Why I have to go with him is beyond me. He has a whole bowl of gourmet dry food sittin' right there but waits til I'm beside him to eat it. Weird cat.

  5. Way back in the latter part of the last century when I was single, living with a lovely young lady and more feline tolerant because she was a lovely young lady and agreed to move in under the "no cat, no girl friend" clause I learned a valuable lesson: Cats, like alarm clocks, do not fly well, especially at zero dark thirty on a very hung over morning. The cat only flew once and was not injured thanks to a well placed laundry basket. The alarm clock was not as lucky.

  6. Just the opposite here Sis.. Mom the early riser is now sleeping in because it is darker in the mornings.. all the better for me..:D I love it.. I agree with Twin.. a compliment or gesture goes a loonggg way! : )

  7. It was nice complement Sis! you got one too:-)
    I had one not so long ago but always welcome at anytime LOL!
    Sometime cost my money what happens at restaurant
    my regular waiter's does said same thing all the time but still I don't feel bad at all..but cost me money for top:-)

    My roses are dropping off from the tree because too wet weather's but it will be okay.
    About Miss Catts keep in dark in the morning that make her still in night time LOL!
    Today we have 28c a gorgeous weather NO COMPLAINT! 1400 afternoon yours about 0900 in the morning?

  8. @ Sis! I didn't mention to you the day is front of you in here:-)

  9. Nothing wrong with going back two years. Compliments can make me feel a few years younger. The diva thing looks good on you.

  10. I sit here thinking that your morning wasn't so different than mine except it wasn't just cold but a wet rain/snow that I found myself in trying to capture some of the dying gasps of autumn. The diva thing...hmm, well let me say that I'm sitting here in my exercise pants and junk shirt preparing to lift's not a flattering picture I'm telling you...and now I feel all self conscious!

  11. Oh lets see what am I wearing. Grey sweats and raggy long sleeve undershirt and greasy hair. Now when I go to town thats when I turn on the style. Last time in my girlfriend even commented on how nice I look. God if some people saw me at home they wouldn't even regonize me compared to what I look like in town. LOL I see you are hard at reposting again. I think it will be very drawn out for me. Have a wonderful rest of the week.. Hugs Carrie