Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Back and it Didn't Snow Nov 07

I'm back and it  didn't snow!!

Outside of someone attempting to take the same space I had in the middle lane on the Interstate, it was a fairly uneventful trip.  There is nothing a whole lot more energizing than seeing someone rapidly hurtling over into YOUR exact place in the universe!!

I had an absolutely wonderful time.  I froze at my grandson's soccer game Friday evening.  My silk jacket just didn't get it against the dampness of the evening and the breeze somewhere in the 50's.  We got home and about 8, we had dinner on the table. 

Up and out of the house 9-ish Saturday and we stayed out doing my favorite rounds  of various stores till late afternoon.  I just pitched 'em my purse at each store entry and came out with half a store each.  I got a little Christmas shopping done for my sons and since they read this I won't say what those were.  But I want to really badly!Don't tell anyone

Last place we went to was Trader Joe's.  Never been there before and a new one had opened up so that was my first experience.  I wish all stores were like that!  You know how I love cherries.  Well, they had these glass jugs of 100% nothing but cherries, cherry juice with a "kick of sour".  You never know what someone thinks is sour.  There are store personnel everywhere and one heard me  say I wished I knew what it tasted like...that I might buy it.  He said he'd just open it and pour me some.  Gave me, my son and my grandson some.  Delicious!  It wasn't inexpensive but I bought it.  There were big clear boxes of cat cookies.  No, not made from cats.  They are scrumptious..three flavors..and are shaped like sleeping curled up cats, cookies for people.  :-)  Perfect to go with my new box of Russian  cherry tea.  They didn't have their so-called "Kremlin" cookies so I got something else in another store.  Hence Trader Joe's.  Didn't care for the selection of cookies there at the Russian store that much as far as cookies were concerned. 

I got a trombone serenade.  I hope I can post some pictures.

Interstate 26 West (and east) was alive with Fall colors.  So was US 74 east and west.  Thing is...impossible to pull over and take photos.  Nothing particularly lovely in leaf colors in Charlotte and not here either.  Differing rain amounts I would guess.  But oh my goodness.  It was outstanding till I got to I-40.  We've lost a lot of ours..they've fallen.  (drought)

I have to run around and re-set all my clocks!  I just thought of that! 

Let's see if I can put a couple photos here and some in that first album that is always up on top in my blog.  I've been around to see 2/3's of you while putting away half the stores in Charlotte now I'm home..and brushing this long haired pet of mine who missed me! 

The photos will just be for fun.  Lots of hugs to you.Sun

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