Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's December Already 12/07

Ahhhh..here it is, the last month of this year.  Time has, to coin a phrase, flown.  It seems we just had New Years Day and here we are...all the way back to the starting point again.

It has been an active year for me.  the only thing I regret is having had to leave the jewelry store due to my back problems and ultimately because that  Thursday, Friday and Saturday schedule totally messed up my time with my family.  I had to ask, not unnaturally, to have two of the three days off which put a burden on the other person I worked with or brought in someone who had another job, to sub for me.  That made me feel too too obligated.  I think the final kicker was when I had my second big sale all ready for the final touches..i.e. finding a Florentine finish on the gold for the customer...and I asked my co-worker where to find that item if we had it, he stepped in and completed the sale. I still marvel at how betrayed and disappointed I felt.  I said to him in a mild way that I had expected to complete that sale, that I had worked hard for it and that I was disappointed that he stepped in at the last moment instead of just assisting me by saying "we will do the brush finish" and moving on. 

That became the final straw..I was that disappointed. Sales matter in the retail field and I had already made a huge one with the sale of a diamond necklace and earrings.  I wanted the store owner to see I was earning my keep as it were.  That didn't happen since my co-worker swooped in to take the sale. So that being a Saturday and my last day anyway, I turned in my notice Monday.

AND this year has been physically active in non back hurting ways for 14 months.  I have stepped up my efforts by now traveling the hills here where I live instead of being my usually sissy self by treadmilling.  That different activity has been in the past three weeks.  I intend to keep that up.  Days when it snows or it is raining too hard..treadmilling. 

I have found too that I am spending too much time at the computer.  Journaling in a blog (and mine is truly a journal) isn't time consuming in itself.  What is time consuming is the blog walk.  But I want to see what my Friends are doing and how they are.  So I enjoy going to peck on their doors, albeit cyber doors, and saying "Howdy!".   So I have waffled  quite a bit about maintaining this blog.  I could be outside..I could be reading..I could be  doing many things. 
My son is here.  He has a taco thingie I made for supper.  DEElicious!  He will have the usual biscuits, preserves, eggs, bacon, OJ etc this morning when he wakes up.  Come on over..if you don't mind me in my jammies there is more than enough for everyone.

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