Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Another Day in Paraise November 9, 2010

Ported over another months worth.  Now to start 2008.  Gees marie.  But I'm getting closer to the end.  I think I deserve a glass of my famous cherry juice that I get from Trader Joes.  Nothing else in any store anywhere that even comes close.  This really IS the real thing..no additives or other fruits.

That guy I hired to weather proof my new windows (caulking) on the inside (outside is done) and to weatherize my doors..man..what a difference.

I went out with the camera and managed to find  some more late blooms out there.  However..most were slightly soft looking because I forgot to ramp up the speed to 1/250th as I was in the shade and I had been set up for sun.  So, they are slightly soft.  Not crisp looking at all.  Sigh.  Oh well. 

I'll include one so you can see. 

I know that no one but me watched DWTS but I wonder who will be sent home tonight?  There have been some major surprises and disappointments.

Here's a pic.  Then me and her will go get us something to drink.  Juice for me..water straight up for her. 

No use biggifying it.  It's as mushy looking as a 3 weeks old Halloween pumpkin.  :-)


  1. Weather-proof the windows? What a concept. I need some plastic for the inside of the windows, at least those without kitty condos in front of them. I actually bought those thingies that fit inside the electrical face plates, to cut down on draft. Those made a difference, believe it or not. Of course, there's not much insulation in these 25-year old, cheaply built townhouses. Certainly FAR from code by today's standards, so I'm usually in long johns indoors as well as out, all winter.

    No late blooms here!

    BTW, I know a lot of people use Flickr, but I take snapshots, not photographs, and use a high end point and shoot not a DSLR, so really don't want to post any pics to a Flickr account. Besides, my entire life is on Google, including 40,000+ pics in about 90 or so private Picasa albums. :-)

  2. Weather proofing the house eh? My day was pretty drab after I tried to get some pictures outside on a very soggy day. Tonight after prayer we start practice for our group that will be out singing from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas. We have to go to the store still tonight too so I expect it will be time for bed once this is all done. Sheesh, it's making me miss Africa already.

  3. She is pretty even if she is a little soft. Love the burst of yellow. :)
    Just stopping by to say hello to you and miss cat. We just got back from our Bible Study and thought I would do a little catching up.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weeek.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  4. I expect all flowers should be different colour?
    otherwise getting bord to look at them:-)
    I still thinking about my two space that I need to keeps only one. a few peope asked why I have two spots.?
    In early part I opened from Admiral space and I add new post.You can seen one is MichikoJ and
    others michiko-blogspot.com
    If I delited one? then it may gone both of my spot? What do you do in this case If you were on my situation? Sis.
    I havn't got best mood today ....
    Sorry to write about these things to fill up your comments place.

  5. It looks great and maybe the soft gives it its own special touch. I watch DWTS and am getting quite upset with it. Bristol should have been gone a couple weeks ago. They give the audience vote too much credit for selecting the choices. The judges should have a bigger percentage.

  6. I like the soft look, it is very delicate and lovely.

  7. YeahI have to get on my horse and get some weather stripping. The heating bill is such a killer. Carol you're more technically advanced than I am concerning the camera. I'm not even sure I know what you're talking about. I'm guess shutter speed.

  8. The yellow flower is still lovely. I missed this post, don't know why. I'm still rooting for Bristol.