Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little Bad Luck 12/07

I took my usual up the hills and down the dales walk this morning.  Skipping right along. All warm and toasty in my heavy Winnie the Pooh jacket with the hood up this time.  iPod plugged into my ears...or the earphones that is.  Phone in one pocket and the camera in another.  On my way back finding nothing else left to photograph, I saw one of the cats of a good friend sunning herself in my friend's window.  Of course I took her photo so as to send to my friend and say "look who I saw today?!"  However, as I progressed home I saw the Cumberland mountain range plainly as the leaves are all down now.  I reached to get my camera and it fell hard to the pavement.Camera  It will not operate and that is no surprise to me.  So I must get a new camera.  I did get sweet LOLA's picture however, from the memory stick.  I may put it in here just as a last tribute to this camera which has serves me well from March till now.  It was my own fault.
Meanwhile, for the first time since my mother passed away, my cactus suddenly and decisively decided to self destruct.  All of it that hung over the edges of the pot and that was a LOT as it was very very long, has dried and rotted.  I have NO idea why.  No actions on my part should have precipitated such a thing.  I am trying to root it but I think I am going about it wrong.  It's not like a Christmas cactus after all.  Those root in water.  This thing has pieces as thick as a finger or more.  I am concerned as that is all I have left of mother.  Advice will be welcomed.
I am waiting on someone to come and give me an estimate on getting these leaves collected.  The operative word is "waiting"  Good thing I have carried on with my day as he sure is taking his time.  I have not been here a good portion.  First thing up was taking that frosty challenge headed up the hill.  Then, Wal-Mart.  He said he'll be here in 45 minutes.  Then it's off again to look for another item. 
My oldest should be here for part of the weekend and then, Sunday as I said yesterday I will be headed to Charlotte assuming the weather is good in the mountains.
Hope you are all doing well.  I've been around to half of you by now. 

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