Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Live Writer Non '07

Always a time I am not fond of...that being the family are all gone now.  This morning the last of 'em flew the coop.  Seems awfully quiet now without the incessant talking of my grandson.  The house is clean but I would rather they were here.  No unexpected of a mom I guess.  Smile
I got onto Live Writer a few minutes ago and began a blog as I was hoping to show you a few pictures that my grandson took (and I took some as well) but all the photo files for some reason showed as "lnk" instead of the normal JPG they are.  I have no idea what makes that happen.  The same thing happened last week and after saving a draft and just coming back another day, they magically turned back to JPG.  They did that, not me.  Or rather to say Live Writer  does that.  No idea why.  That is one of the reasons I quit all attempts at it (using Live Writer).  It lured me back however by allowing me to post a few pictures just to laugh at my attempts all over again. 
Saturday my grandson and I spent several hours out shopping for him (he sure liked THAT let me tell you!) and then we bought some bread and headed to the Marina.  We saw ducks, mallards, seagulls, Coots, just all manner of water birds and both of us took some pictures.  He had the good fortune to see a snake sunning itself on some stones at the end of a dock.  He borrowed my camera and took a better picture of the snake than *I* did!!!  I can't post pictures as I would using live writer so I guess I have to do the old "at the bottom of the page" thing.  I am spoiled with Live Writer so I dislike having to do this now.  But I would like to show his snake.  He said "Grandma..you're gonna brag about my snake and about me in your blog, aren't 'cha?"  I told him indeed I would.  He will be reading this later after they get back over the mountains to their house.  We had a lot of fun Saturday knocking around on our own and his dad got some downtime to look at the paper and just take a shower without anyone around. 
I meant to do better than I did visiting my blogging family but I fell down on the job.  I don't think anyone noticed though.  I have tried to get around today though. 
I watched the University of Tennessee versus the University of Kentucky game yesterday and all of its overtimes..I was almost ready for cardiac resusitation!!!  Man!  Four OT's!!!!  Those guys all played five hours!  What physical punishment in a manner of speaking.  WHEW.  But, the VOLS won.  You simply did not know from second to second WHO was going to win.  We were all here..and all on the edge of ourdev & me Nov.24.07 003dev & me Nov.24.07 022 seats.  I gave us up for dead but we powered through.
Let's see if I can get some photos in here.  The snake is courtesy of my grandson and the other..me. 
Guys, I hope it was a good holiday for you.  Here's another ((hug)).Red heart

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