Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mishap 12/07

I had a hair dresser mishap a couple of weeks ago and she turned my hair quite dark in an effort to do something else I had requested..  While I am grateful to have hair ( you guys don't have to remind me to be grateful) I have not been happy with the color to say the least. All my makeup and clothing is geared to strawberry blonde.  So..I started shampooing 2, 3 times a day these past 2 weeks and have it light (if you can call it that) as a Hershey bar.  The red is shining thru again so..not too bad now. But it sure is sweeping the guys off their feet.  Yesterday's engineer, and, today I had lunch with all the guys and couple of women who could be there and so a few fellows there also expressed their liking of my Hershey bar color.

Of course when it came time to leave this morning, I dressed for the dark hair with creamy white (Oh, no..there she  goes again with the clothing description..I can hear it now.."gimme a break!") blouse, silver jewelry again...really bold, and another good hair day just made it all come together.

One thing you guys did not pick up on in that photo I took of my computer was the tile with writing hung on a peg on the wall to the left.  Of all people I had expected Gandalphe to comment.  No one saw it.  I found that tile back in the 80's.  (Of course I was a mere toddler thenOpen-mouthed) and have had it hanging since.  I would have loved to have taken it to work and slung it on on a leather cord around my neck turned to my back as a warning to those who approached. But no...I would have been hauled to the brig.

Anyway, I have had a great day today  so far and I need to get up on the treadmill.  Too late to take the time outside.  Perhaps tomorrow.

I am headed over the mountains this coming Sunday morning. Only weather will prevent me, and there I am not joking.  You never know this time of year. My grandson is playing his trombone in his first recital and there will be other children as well of course.  A lone trombone playing at this stage of his learning.. maybe not so fab.  Note So I will go there Sunday, the recital is Monday after school I guess..and Tuesday I will return home, and the absence will be to the entire dislike of Miss Catt.

Diva-ly yours,Red lips

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