Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday November 15, 2010

I had one of those dreams last night that you read about frequently in dream explanations and folks telling their dreams.  I spent all night it seems in a school and I did not have my homework.  Nor could I find my books.  And we were about to have a test.  I figured I would ace the test anyway, so that in itself didn't concern me as much as the sudden realization also that I had done NONE of my Science work for the year at ALL!  None.  Zero..Nada! I mean not a PAGE of homework or exercises that had to be done and turned in every so many weeks.  I have had this sort of dream almost more than any other "standard-everyone-has-'em dreams.  Another is the getting to school and can't find my room..getting there late and having to be seen going into the classroom late once I blunder into each room trying to find mine.  I reach for my books and they aren't there.  Sigh.  Can't turn in my work because I don't have any. 

I hate it when that happens.
This was taken at Clark Park a couple of days ago.


  1. Carole, that photo of Clark Park is gorgeous! I clicked and enlarged and oooooo, those colors. Dreamy is actually the word I'd use for them. Isn't that funny? And you talked about your dreams. Not finishing homework and scrambling looking for it, hummm, do you feel overworked or not able to complete things the way you like because of just too much to do? Or, did you eat jalapeno peppers before you went to bed, lol -- just kidding you. Sooooo, we have very similar voices! One day I'll do another vid where hopefully I won't sound so out of breath (couldn't you hear me panting? I could). If it starts to sound too dippy, I'll just turn the camera sideways :D xoxoxo

  2. Too funny about your dream . I have the oddest dreams sometimes. Love your photo Caorle. What a beauty. Have a find day.
    I havent been to flickr but will make my way over . I m so behind and a landry truck exploded again in my house. ha.
    Hugs my Heart Sister.

  3. Love those reflections in the photo!

    I rarely dream of school any more, but usually it's about trying to get to class on time.

    When I'm really stressed, I dream I'm back working in retail, as I did for 6 years in my early 20s. Worst. Job. Ever. Perhaps because I'm not a people-person.

    Or...*shudder*...I'll dream my ex and I still are living together and I'm trying to hasten his departure.

  4. Well....the comments above were so nice...that I MUST deviate from that. Does that mean I'm a deviate? Maybe I just dream about being one.
    As for your dreams about is quite simple really. You are what we refer to as a "Psycho-Ceramic"... in other words you're a crack pot!
    And as for Jenny D's post... I couldn't tell from the panting if it was her or the cat that was in heat!

  5. I have had in past those frustration dreams when I have problems with mentally myself.
    My goodness that make you very weary in the morning poor Sis, the photos are great I would like to be there with you:-)
    you have a peaceful day that I needed one too.

  6. I had a dream that was a bit different but equally frustrating. I was walking home in this dream and knew I was about ten years old. I knew there were some kids coming that I didn't like and I was walking the route I used to at that age. I couldn't hardly move...the more I wanted to hurry the less I could do so. Just as I got to the point where I knew I'd be off the main road and would be safe from the kids that were coming a terrible storm came up and I still was some distance from home and walking really slow...ugh...I could have torn the hinges off the door just to ease the frustration when I woke up! Well, that delightful photo helps bring peace for sure LOL!

  7. Hi Carole, I don't dream too often but there is one dream I dream from time to time. I dream I am back working in a hospital as a Registered Practical Nurse. It is getting close to the end of the year when I have to pay for my Nursing License. Only problem is, I don't have a licence anymore because I let it go and am no longer qualified to be a nurse. If I get caught in my dream I will be in serious trouble and be sent to jail or maybe even prison. So in my dream I am really worried about getting caught, and I then wake up before I am to show my license to my employer. I am so relieved because the dream is so real. I was a nurse for 22yrs. but due to cutbacks I was laid off about 12yrs. ago and decided not to renew my license.
    Anyway that is my experience.
    Thank goodness I don't dream too often.
    Hopefully if you have another dream it will be a much more pleasant one.:)
    Beautiful photo Carole. Love the colours and reflections.
    Have a good night and pleasant dreams my friend.
    Hugs and Smiles
    Dianne :)

  8. ugh! yes, those are the dreams you pay attention to how you feel in them-usually mirrors how you feel inside...
    peaceful photo :)

  9. Funny. Aren't dreams interesting. Some funny, some tragic, some just out of this world. Too much analysis could also drive you up a wall. I had one one when Darla was 3 that I have never forgotten. She rode her trike off the sidewalk and right in front of a speeding car. I woke up crying my eyes out and running in to check on her.

  10. The photo is lovely!
    I have this awful dream where I lose my purse. Since I have everything important to me in it I am devastated. Then I tell myself in my dream, wake up, your purse is right here.

  11. I seldom dream and they never make much sense if I do recall it.This is a lovely place in this photo, very calming too.