Saturday, November 6, 2010

Now hear THIS! Nov. 6, 2010

This is the honest to goodness truth. My son took the grandson out to supper last night in celebration of his excellent grades (10th grade H.S.). I was on the phone with him as they were telling me about the celebration and walking to the restaurant.

Here is a sight I wish they could have videoed. They were walking toward the door of the restaurant and a car's burglar alarm went off. Inside the car and in the drivers seat was a large dog! The dog leaned onto the steering wheel and commenced to blowing the horn!

I asked if anyone came out of the restaurant and they said no. Finally the alarm went was cut off and the dog IF I remember correctly tooted a few more times on the horn and then desisted.

I would LOVE to have been there for that!!


  1. That does sound like a thing that would be fit for YouTube! LOL!

  2. I LOVE it! Oh to have had a video camera, lol. And just think, the whole thing is now posted (by you) on the internet and the dog's owners don't even know it ever happened, hahahaha. Ah, the wonders of the web...and the smartness of that dog (toot toot..come on people, i've waited long enough..toot toot..and don't forget the doggy bag)

  3. So funny ,smart dog. I hope they brought him a doggy bag.

  4. That would have been fun to observe. Glad you shared it..made me chuckle. :-)

  5. First of all, congratuations to your grandson for his good grades. High School can really be challenging.
    The dog blowing the horn would have been a hoot to witness.

  6. Are you sure that one too many of???
    I know that you don't drink :-)
    These day an animals can do unbelievable things:-)
    You needed to watch out your fur daughter ha ha ha

  7. I won't let a dog drive me anywhere. The last time I was in the store about 2 minutes and he started honking the horn!

  8. Sam starts barking if he's in the truck and the alarm goes off and he won't stop until well after it's turned off, as if to say "That thing hurts my ears, you big dummy!"

  9. Congratulations to your grandson for a job well done.
    This would have been a sight to see. Love Paul's response.