Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Say Can You See Any Frost Bite on Me? Dec 2007

At 8:30 this morning, and 22 degrees, I headed up the street...camera, phone, heavy coat, U.T. pull down knit hat, gloves and music.  See?  No military time though it pained me to put the time that way..what a waste of keystrokes.
Anyway, I only took 3 photos.  One is already deleted.  My hands must have  been too cold.  Actually, I do believe I forgot to set "Macro".
I found us some frosted over wild strawberry plants and took their picture.  And a cold frost rimmed rose bush.  I took his picture too. 
I whupped right along but did not go as far.  Laziness really,.  I wasn't cold.  My face was sploched red though when I returned..all over.  Forehead too.  Cold, but the exertion is what did it.  This time, I went in the most un diva-like manner.  I applied no makeup..I didn't do any hair styling.  Just combed it as the toboggan slid over it and too, why make up my widdle face when no one was there and dumb enough to be outside but me?  I did apply lip balm though. 
Came home and shampooed my hair and I want you to know..it looks like an astoundingly good hair day! Red rose I had no appointments, no lunches, no friends coming nor I going to see them..so I had to go out of course to show it off!!!  I just came back.  I dazzled the clerks and other grocery store buyers and personnel and the geese at the lake plus the neighborhood animals and all the cars parked along the street.  The cat was totally blown away by my fab hair too, I might add.  For pete sake...come and look at it before it all goes away after I waller on it all night tonight.
Here's a frozen wild strawberry plant(s) for you.
Cold Morning dec 18, 07 004  They still look pretty good really for the end of December!
Shiveringly yours (but with showcase hair)
I remain, yours  truly.  Smile

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