Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On the Cusp Dec '07

We'uns  is on the cusp of some cold weather (as we should have been having all along) and some possible snow showers tomorrow morning.  It's about time.  The wind is supposed to be 25 or so mph and with temps in the low 30's..during the day I may skip toiling up the street.  Treadmill can look mighty good sometimes.
My oldest was here last evening and returned to his place this afternoon.  He has a party to attend tonight.  For me, I cannot quit yawning these past two afternoon and evenings.  So my party will be falling asleep soon as I hit the bed.  Oh, I told you I bought a single silk pillow case didn't I?  Remember? I never thought I would really like the thing but I do.  So much so I keep washing it and putting it back on.  Diva that I am, I bought it so as to keep my hair from being tangled at night,  It works! 
We had, or HE had, eggs, bacon and fried potatoes and coffee this morning.,  I had coffee and a few potatoes.  We had a version of Philly Cheese steak last night.  I am not too good at that and from now on, I will stick with the tried and true.
I did get my new HP all in one printer last evening though.  Oldest brought it with him for me and set it up for me.  This printer is a thousand times nicer and better than that pitiful Canon I bought last Spring.  Why I let myself be talked into that thing I will never know.  Could not print a picture in color at all.  Something went wrong with the color within weeks.  It could not be re calibrated correctly and therefore was good for black and white printing and acted as a scanner..that was it.  Torqued my jaw! That is what happens when you try to save a little money.  Just pay the two dollars as they say.
I think I caught a couple of you pulling into my blogging driveway without your turn signals on AND I do believe you nicked my fence post!!  Fine!  There will be a ticket in the mail!  Watch it!
I have a photo that I will try to find that I took yesterday while trudging up the hill carrying my new camera.  It is three blocks up..and there was a break enough in the trees for you to see out nearby low mountains and the fog rising up off them.  Sorry about the house and other distractions.  I have no idea who lives there and I hoped they would not think I was out there at 0900 hrs. taking spy photos of their house.  Wink  Honestly, one day I may actually be challenged.  I'll tell you if I do and if I get and give a black eye too.
Let me see if I can find the pics.  If so, they will appear right here!  (I hope) Red heartNew camera dec 13, 07 007walka dec 14, 07 002walka dec 14, 07 005No. Trail dec 14, 07
 P.S.  I should have told you that is the North Ridge Trail in our Green Belt.  You have seen MY personal property in a view off the deck.  This is what it looks like (see my photos) beyond my fencing.  No, this isn't mine.  This is City Greenbelt but it is near us who own private Greenbelt.  Thought you would like to see it.  The middle pic is just an interesting tree, to me.  :-)

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