Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ready for the onslaught

They're on their way. Well, not yet. Both have to get through their school days. My son as a teacher and his boy, as a student. :-) But they'll be here after the trip of over the mountains and through the Cherokee forest to home. It will be every bit of 10PM before they get here. (that takes gritting my teeth to say 10PM instead of 2200..which is totally natural).

I have a decently hearty snack that won't interfere too much with sleep, to serve them when they get home. Then, I know it'll be off to bed.

It's raining like the dickens and will continue to do so for days they say. Maybe the weekend will be better so it says on the TV. You and I both know how THAT goes.

Tomorrow I get my new glasses,. Hope they work out alright. I have had some major problems with having been given just enough of a mistake in former lenses as to make wearing them miserable added to having to go back several times and the first person to assess it thinking I'm crazy. The last time I went it was a deal of not being able to see distance well with the new lenses. I could not read street signs or overhead signs well at all. I went back..their little flip chart thingy showed nothing. But when I demanded to be shown something in the distance of say 50 feet or more simulated...THEN they could see that indeed..something was wrong with the prescription. Torqued my jaw having to go thru hoops to show them I meant what I said. Like many, they think the patient/customer is ditsy and/or stupid and can't possibly have it right.

Anyhoo..off into the rain. I need some eggs and bread. ♥


  1. I hope you have a great visit with them and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Bread and eggs makes me think of bread pudding with whiskey sauce...*yum*.

  2. Poor baby, lol. And I am not laughing AT you. It's reminding me of when I changed prescriptions when I had glasses. The very first thing to happen was that I fell off a curb. Embarrassing? For sure since it was in a strip mall.
    Your Thanksgiving is going to be great, rain or not. Hey, save me a plate. It should only take me, let's see now, maybe 8 hours to get there? Lol, listen for that tap/knock/POUNDING on the door :D

  3. You will have a wonderful visit with your boys. Maybe you will be surprised and the new glasses will be just fine. Well, one can only hope. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boys and Miss Catt too!

  4. How nice it will be to have your boys there. I understand about the glasses. Had an awful time with 2 of my kids glasses when they were small. Darla's they had reversed the lenses and she said she felt like she going downhill all the time. Jared they totally argued with me as to what the Dr. said (he told me to be sure they understood the prescription as he was a child with bifocals, only the big part was on the bottom and bifocal on the top). Not only did the argue with me they ignored the instructions and made them their way. Needless to say a personal a** chewing from the DR. corrected their attitude.

  5. I know you'll be glad when 2200 comes and they arrive safely. Be careful in the rain. We're getting rain here too. Possibly through Thanksgiving. Hugs!!!

  6. Lol, Carole, this is my reply to yours on my site. You know the term Blog Family? Of course you do. Well, I got to that last, last sentence and then froze in my tracks. I tore my brain to shreds trying to think of that term. I mean, omg, I've used it a million times! But there I sat, total blank, so hell with it, I typed "world family" and gave up the ghost, lol. Then you walk in and geez, there's the term. If you could have see my face convulsing into laughter!
    There are times I think I should consult you b4 I ever hit that publish button, hahahaha.

  7. If ya got some extra rain, send it this way. Thirsty, dusty and parched be the earth.

    Enjoy the feast of the day.

  8. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Trust me there's worse things than rain...you know what I'm talking about but I won't darken your blog with the 's' word...shhhh! I've done fairly well with eye corrections with my contacts. Actually I've held my same correction for many years and I give all the credit to God for that. I know what it's like to have a messed up correction...misery! Bless you Carole!

  9. Glad to hear you'll have your boys. Garry and I will be on our own. The kids are scattered over this country. The one who lives here is heading to NC to be with his wife's family.
    This pair of glasses makes the first time I've ever had a problem. He rechecked my eyes...much better, but still not quite right.

  10. I think something wrong with prescription?
    You would expect seen clealy..Hope this time they fixed it up.
    We expext have heavey rains in this weekend.
    Enjoy Thanks givings weekend with your family,
    AND Miss Catts & Miyuki & Victoria.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
    and thank you for your lovely comments,
    and I know what you mean about trying to get your point across with Opticians, they always think they know best, even though you're the one who's experiencing 'Looking' through the eyes in question!!
    We're sunny here today, but warnings of snow on the horizon,Winter boots time soon methinks...

  12. Catching up here. I don't understand why they can't get it right the first time. They seem to enjoy talking down to you in any case. I hope your new glasses work for you.