Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seedpods, leaves, Hemlocks, Oh MY! Nov 2007

Well, ah done bin up th' street again and I'm back recharging the camera's batteries!  WHAT a time for them to go!  I was on my way back down and I saw a four pointer having breakfast on a berry filled ornamental bush in someone's front yard.
I got one somewhat fuzzy photo of him.  I started to take more as he allowed me to slowly approach till I was within (easily) twenty feet of him.  The camera said  "Warning!  Battery Exhausted"  Nooooo. No.  Not NOW for pity sake!!! But it was and I was as I said, left to feel gratitude even for one photo.  If you look hard among the fuzzy focus you might see the antlers. 
I also snapped a new seed pod off one of the many Magnolia trees and a small branch of Hemlock with its tiny intricate lovely cones. And  I picked up a leaf that is still colorful and dragged all of it home for a blogging friend who asked for the pod.  I'll get it ready to mail in a short short. 
If I put it in...I have a pic of me straining up a hill this morning and my shadow looked intriguing.  Made me look like a long legged model.  You can sure tell I am wearing boot cut jeans though and a heavy jacket.  Of course, being 5'2" tall...I ain't no long legged model. 

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