Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut Dec '07

Sometimes you don't!!  I didn't feel like a nut last Winter while shopping at 0530  hrs. in the local edition of the gigantic store that is all over the world these days. But someone was sure acting like one! And for once it wasn't me.  
In any case, there I was.  I went in to buy a new alarm clock.  That clock purchase was vital because if the cat had not meowed me awake when the coffee started, I would have still been sleeping and missed getting to work on time.  The old clock had hummed its last.
So, on arrival and after hurrying back where the clocks are, I chose one.  On my way back up front with the clock, a pair of leggings stuck fast to me as I walked by so I had to buy them too. 
At any rate, I got on up to the counter and handed over the leggings and the box with the clock in it.
With apologies to Abbott and Costello and " Who's on First" this is really the way it went.
She rang up the leggings.  Then, holding the box in her hand she said " You got a watch?"  I obligingly looked at my arm and said " Yup, It's 5:40."  She said  " No, have you got the watch?"  I said, " Yes, I have a watch. And the time is 5:41."  She said " No, the watch.  Have you got one?"  I said " Yes, I do. Do you need the time?"  She said " No.  I need the watch." I said " Sorry, it's my watch."  And I said it in a slightly irritated tone this time while looking at said watch tellingly as time was marching on and I needed to get to work. My shift would start in half an hour.
Another clerk came over, swiped the clock box out of MY clerk's hand and said to the clerk she came to the assistance if,  " LOOK!  It's a CLOCK!  Not a watch!  And here's the clock!  See?" and the woman said to me, " She thought there was a watch in the box and couldn't see anything inside.  That's why she was asking you that. But now we know it is a clock, not a watch and we have found where it is in the box and we're good to go."
I was grumpy by then so stayed silent and took my change and hurried to work.
Now..perhaps if I weren't only up for an hour and 15 minutes at that time and a little more " with it" I myself might have recognized what the problem was.  But someone did and all went OK after all. I got to laughing by the time I got into my car in the pitch dark, and told the guys at work soon as I went in.
Just one more adventure in W-World.
See ya dudes.

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