Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still Crazy Nov 07

Loved that song..still do.  Wish I could hear it again.  I looked it up and it was sung by Paul Simon.   BUT what I meant was...I took on off up the street with my camera today instead of hittin' the ol' treadmill.  I thought to take some pictures of any Fall colors we might happen to have.  The State of North Carolina was ablaze with color, but poor ol' Tennessee in the parts *I* am privy to, not so much.  Anyhow, I am back and dried off.  I had to wear a jacket and going up all the hills did a pretty good job of dewing up the Diva!  Good thing my peeps weren't around to take flash pictures! (old joke..only a couple of you know what I meant by that).

Soon as I change my shirt I am off again but this time to get a new pair of shoes.  Man, till I started climbing (not kidding with that word by the way) up the hills I didn't know just how worn out my shoes are!  I know NOW.  No support to speak of.  I'm going to put a few pictures on here and run off to the store.  Man...when you're on flat surfaces you really don't notice it as much.

Got home..changed batteries in the camera..have the others recharging and uploaded what I took this morning.  Let's see what we got.Red heart
P.S.  In "My Blog Photos" I have a few more pictures I took this morning on my walk.  And I just came back with 2 new pairs of running shoes.  New Bal-ance.

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