Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three Hour Tour and Whooping Cranes Dec '07

I started out just to get the car serviced  early this morning and wound up being gone till about now.

The car was finished with the tires rotated and then, back to the bank to have the coins in that ever present saucer on my dresser counted (just $86.13 this time..not the usual $106.00 or so) ( not as many pennies) and then on to several stores to get some sale items, and then, the best part, lunch with a feller.  Then, "Home James!" to do some things around here and soon to be leaving yet again. 

I never did get to see any snow showers as were promised to us for Saturday night and Sunday.  Sunny as could be all day yesterday and same today. Colder though.  I may head out with the camera and see what I can find.  My youngest went to the Hiwassee Wildlife Reservation and photographed some migrating Sandhill Cranes.  Last year he managed to get some Whooping Cranes in that mix as well.  There is a group of young Whooping Cranes  that are led here and onwards on their migratory flights Southward.  There were about nine Whooping Cranes this time but he, my son, was not there in time to observe them.  He was fortunate last year to get there just at the time both species were there resting at the Reserve..

These are juvenile Whooping Cranes, reared in captivity for their safety.  As you may already know, these birds are rare and were hunted and killed to almost extinction.  I think there were 28 pairs left in the U.S. before some  entity FINALLY stepped in to save them.  You may also go to Operation Migration at www.operationmigration.org and read the field journal entries.  These young Whoopers are led by wonderful volunteers on Ultralight aircraft...teaching the youngsters their migration route.  Then, assuming all is successful, these will teach their young the route they learned through these wonderful volunteers in this dangerous training for the Cranes.  Dangerous because in our area, it is very mountainous and the ultralights  (and Cranes) have to soar above the peaks...exposed to the air as are the birds, and to below freezing temps.  If I remember correctly there are three main routes for differing groups of Whooping Cranes to learn.  Please see the first web site I provided for a view of the routes.  You will see one bisects my State of Tennessee.  That is where my son went with his camera.

Otherwise, just another spectacular day right here in my area.  From last evening to this morning, I do believe I have stopped at every one of your door steps.  I used my turn signals too!Wink  I may have left something for you or I may have not..but you'll see my foot print (likely in the snow)Red heart

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