Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Trend Nov 07

It's nice today as you'll see from some photos so I took on off up the street.  That is the trend I spoke of in the title. Smile You will see too, that I was never kidding when I said I live in a forest.  This city was carved out of a forest.  All of it is still standing except where the actual city was built.  It's all around.  I will have my own street scenes and immediate neighborhood for you.  Of course, I have drawn you attention to my album with photos taken right off the deck.  We are very fortunate here.  Mountains, forests..animals.  While I was at it, I got a shot of the sky.   It is what I have heard termed "Mackerel Sky" which I suppose must allude to fish scale look to the cloud formation.  There is an old saying.." Mackerel Sky, Soon wet or dry".  meaning if it is dry when you see it, it will soon rain, and vice versa.  Never fails.  Goes right along with another old saying "Red sky at night, sailors delight.  Red sky at morning, sailor take warning".  Turns out true.  I have seen it work very often.

One of the photos shows a narrow sidewalk looking straight forward.  That goes up..and up...and up.  I remember when pregnant with the third child my husband would lift the baby to help ease the burden of getting up that hill on my walks.Smile

Oh my gosh!  I can't believe it!  I finally succeeded in inserting a link without messing up.  (I think) Give this woman a blue ribbon for doing something so simple a 4 year old can but she's just now doing it.

After I hit publish on this I am headed back out again but this time to do some grocery buying.  And to add more steps to my step counter.  I try for the usual 10000 a day.

What are you guys doing?  I've been to see a good half of you..I'll see the other half when I return from the store.  Hope you like the pictures of the Fall colors which are going fast..and while I am posting them here in the blog..they will automatically go into that album called " My Blog Photos" and there I will have captions if you are interested.  I just wanted you to see just how treed this area is,.  Not just my street...everywhere.  And why I whine so much about leaf raking.Red heart


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