Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unseasonable Warm 12/07

I really don't like it when it is too too warm for the Fall and Winter.  Here where I live (as in many places) the temperature falls, rebounds, falls again and shoots up to hot..then back to seasonable.  Today, warm, rainy and cloudy.
I have been busy.  Oldest was here till noonish.  Then youngest was here.  We went out to have lunch and hung here for awhile.  First time I have ever seen his iPhone.  ANY iPhone for that matter up close and in person.  Man, that is THE coolest device I have ever seen in my LIFE!  What a device!  Worth the money and more.  I would buy one but I have no need for anything so multi-functional.  Besides, Apple made it and if it is Apple Macintosh, I love it already.  He had the Blackberry too as he is on call this weekend.
The youngest also gave me his older iPod earphones as I cannot find mine no matter how hard I look.  It's not left the house..just have no idea where I put them to be safe.  No earphones are as good as the iPod earphones.  All the other earphones you can buy are like cubic zirconia to diamonds with iPod's earphones the diamonds.
I ran around doing this and that all day long and when I got home I started cleaning the house in preparation to leave in the morning.  I don't want Miss Catt to be embarrassed about the state of the house for the kitty sitter, now do I?  The bed is changed and I walked back through and of course she is spang smack in the middle of the counterpane!!!  Just as I wrote of a week or so ago. 
My youngest managed to muscle the battery area back into some shape on the camera I dropped and he was able with some hard pressing to turn it on.  I am getting a new one this weekend.  This one will just hang somewhere (literally) until I pick it clean for the memory stick and the batteries.  Then, good buy adios!
Hope it has been a good weekend for you.  Other than being too warm I am doing alright here.  Tomorrow early..I get on the horse and head over the mountains.  I will check on you from there.Red heart
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