Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What I Done Did Nov. 16th, 2010

I found out through the kindness of our mutual friend Gerry that Word Press also accepts third parties to come in and take your blogs if you authorize it of course. That now known, I went ahead and had my blog in Spaces go to Word Press and soon, I'll contact the company to come and git 'em. That ALSO means no more annoyances for you all when I was transferring and filling your in boxes because of it..and it means *I* don't have the bother I put myself through, out of ignorance. Woo and Hoo!

I stopped at Arby's and got their pecan chicken salad sammich. First time I had it- it was fabulous. This time it was as though someone put an entire jar of mayo on MY sandwich. That will cure me of craving those again. :-)

Here is the URL for the WP bloggie if anyone cares. This is my main blog through. TechnoGran,. thank you SO much! HUGS to you and to Gerry and Beth too. You guys know how pitiful I am at the keyboard.

Oh..and still being slaughtered in Scrabble but I AM improving. Not killed quite as badly.
Charlotte NC uptown last month. I LOVE Charlotte.


  1. I thought about transferring my old blog to wordpress, too, but I'm not. My case is different. I had to delete a number of years of blogs due to a stalker and reopen under new names. What a bummer that was. So the last one wasn't even for very long and not worth the transfer. I just did the little "save to PC" thingie and now have them in a zip folder to keep for no one but myself, lol. I made a last little post on WLS last night and will be deleting the entire addy when the time gets closer to closing. Sad.
    But for yours, shoot, I was enjoying reading all the old posts, lol -- and you KNOW I was doing that, hahahahaha. xoxoxo

  2. The save to zip is still not working. People are finding the zipfile is empty. They have not fixed it,so, I have not moved mine yet.(please advise Jenny)

  3. The zip file worked fine for my 3 blogs that I moved from spaces. Of course I did this early on and maybe it is not working now.
    At least if it is on wordpress we are saved if our hard drive hiccups and loses all of our info. It is kind of fun, the challenge of trying to make wordpress not so blah looking. Some of the ones I have visited have done a really good job.

  4. Um...wish you were here to spruce mine up. I am too lazy and too inept to do it. Just like this one. Just a fact, ma'am.

  5. I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed the photo. It is super when biggefied.

  6. Interestingly the ability to play scrabble well is mostly rooted in math rather than in verbal facility.

  7. WooHoo!! You have a special settinh up two each,
    I had comments in your Wordpress there two of there although I had check it up my 2005 blogs
    not like yours:-)
    It must be setting up wrongly yours Sis!
    You better check it up and change around?
    you don't wonted have two blogs a same??
    It sound are more works for you poor Sis.

  8. Something more to confuse me when I transfer to WP, lol. My head will be spinning.

    Danielle is always playing Scrabble on her Ipod or phone or whatever it is she has.

  9. I'm glad you figured out something that will work for you with the blogging archiving. I just haven't cared one wit about the stuff I had before but if you did I can imagine that the transfer would be an immense task. Starting over for me felt like a clean slate sort of. I live for the present and future. Tons of mayo would cure my craving too...ugh, I'm not that fond of mayo truthfully! Would you believe it's only 19 degrees here today? What the heck? I've been dragging my rear on getting out there and going for a walk but I fear I'm going to have to just face it...sigh.

  10. I transferred everything to WP...decided it would work as 'storage' if nothing else. Haven't spent much time there to figure it out.
    The more you play Scrabble, the better you'll get. Must admit I have yet to win a game against my daughter. The important thing is that you enjoy it.

  11. All my stuff is on WP and my PC. It's not that great, but don't want to lose it. I too have been reading your old blogs, at times. I'm sure I missed a lot before we became friends. 'Grumps' , Archie's Bunker, has a real dressed up WP and gives all kinds of instructions. I put it on my fave cuz the info is more than plenty for my brain to soak up.