Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a Thing to Happen November 2007

I went through talking/blogging about this several months ago.  A few of you disagreed with me.  But I am taking the same stance again.  I am just plain you-know-whatted off!!! I am sick sick sick of reading about just plain people being tasered by the police.  Pardon me, but if I don't want to sign your ticket you gave me because I was speeding, that is my right.  It is not illegal not to sign the thing.  You are STILL cited to Court and you are STILL liable for the fine.  Your drivers license number is there as are your name and address.  Just because you as a law enforcement officer don't like what someone says...such as "I'm not going to sign it" does not give you any right whatsoever to tell the poor about to be victim to turn around (so he/she won't see what you are about to do!) and then, taser them. 

We are talking about just ordinary people...like that heckler at a political rally who insisted on answers.  He was repeatedly tasered because he wouldn't stop talking.  Then the one victim of a traffic citation I just saw who was assaulted by the Ut*ah Sta*te p*olice, i.e. tasered after being told to turn around, again, presumably so he would not see the torture he was about the endure because the officer was ticked off!  I do believe that giving the citation is enough.  There is no need to take your juvenile out of control behavior out on someone because YOU are ticked.  I hope that person is disciplined and forced to go to anger management school.  And if he or any officer of the law does that for minor things like failure to sign something or mouthing off..they should be let go from the force.  That's my opinion and I mean it.  DEAL!  Don't give someone a possible heart attack or death because YOU can't deal with mouthing off or something minor.

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  1. I think they are on a power trip and enjoy inflicting pain on the helpless.