Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My goodness. I remember being SO excited when Christmas Eve arrived. I was so wound up and excited about what would be under the tree I could hardly stand it. I would lie there awake for hours, or so I thought. Seemed like hours to me. I'd be up at the crack o' dawn. If it was still dark out, daddy made me go on back to my room for a bit but I was up and down like a jack in the box so usually, he caved and turned the lights on, on the tree.

.I remember one Christmas when I was just turned twelve I wanted skates so badly I would have laid down and just swooned if I didn't get them. I have had two older brothers..much older, and the youngest of the two living at home of course and had me convinced I would never get those skates, that they were too expensive. So I opened several gifts Christmas morning, feeling gloomy, and my brother passed a rather large box to me and said to open that one next. It was heavy but that meant nothing to me..I didn't have any guesses. I just knew that I was disappointed and the world was at an end. No skates.

Of course, when I opened it, there they were. A beautiful white leather pair of Chicago skates. I thought I had, as the phrase goes, died and gone to heaven. I was thrilled past telling and called all my school friends. I went skating that very next weekend. Mind you, I had to learn how to skate and I dislocated my thumb doing that. I jammed it into the waist area of another skater coming in the opposite direction. H-U-R-T. He led me over to where they rented skates to those who didn't have magnificent Chicago white leather skates like MINE and the Manager of the place said "gimme your hand" which I obeyed and did and he pulled it back into place. OWWWW! But it was worth it. Purple thumb and all.

My brother taught me how to clean them..break them down a bit and clean and oil them just right. He and his girl friend (who became his wife) used to go there all the time too and skate so I never got to flirt much with the boys as he always had an eagle eye out for me. Man, I hated that!

That's a whole 'nother blog though.


  1. There have been a few presents that I recall being "over the moon" thrilled to get as a child. :-)

    That's a lovely Christmas memory, Carole! Okay, except perhaps the thumb-dislocation episode. LOL.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. Brothers like to tease but it shows he loved you. Nice memory.

  3. A wonderful memory from a past Christmas. Isn't just like brothers to tease their sisters. They probably knew all along that the skates were coming.

  4. I love christams past stories..
    It was always my most favorite morning.

  5. I was grinning all the way through this story, Carole. There is just nothing like a real standout memory from childhood. I even felt that stab of pain in your thumb, ewwww, that DID hurt! And your brother? Oh yeah, I don't even know him and I love him ;)

  6. That was a wonderful memory, except for the thumb accident. I remember getting skates, but I don't recall even opening the box, Mine were the kind with the key, not shoes built in. Some of the older folks will remember these.

  7. Beautiful photo, is that how it looks out your window?
    What a lovely Christmas memory.
    You'll laugh but one year I wanted the LP (and they were LP's then) of HELP by the Beatles. I was so crazy about them, I did get it and wore it out too.

  8. How sweet your brother is!! He convinced you that you would not get the skates because he knew you would! I'm sorry that you got injured (and he kept an eagle eye, LOL) but it must be a very good memory for you :-) I love the photo, it is so beautiful.

  9. You have had beautiful memory of your brother
    that I don't have because only child, I think that is big part of our life.
    Until resently I never thought of things but I started thinking of that would be nice to have sister or brother IF they are good one.
    Because one of my friends had three sisters and never seen each other..
    So glad you have sweet memory of your brther and no sister?

  10. I was never successful at any kind of skating. I had the sore butt to prove it.

    Nice one Carole!

  11. Delightful Carole! Stories like that are worth passing on. I believe that it's the heart in such moments that makes Christmas what it is!