Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Or something.  I had to list what I have been getting this entire year and for whom and get it down on paper.  Doing that it follows that one wraps while they're out.  So, I have that done for up to now.  I have 2 gift cards to buy.  One for the oldest as he has all he needs now.  And one for the grandson.  He is too particular so a gift card it'll be. Feels good to have the info on hand and to have that chore out of the way.l.not that it's an unpleasant chore..I rather like it.

This has been day three of not eating whatever I want whenever I want and I am making progress.  My best deal for me and success is to log food.  Been doing it for years before it ever became popular. I still sort of eat what I want..just no sweets and dessert-like things.  My jeans already button and zip easier.  I seem to be eating a lot of soup. My treat is a cup of the hard-to-find cherry tea and 6 butter cookies (130 c.)

There were a few snow flurries this morning.  It's colder'n who done it out there and windy.  But the sun came out around noon and that helps even if it is in the 30's.  Beats Montana weather, huh Joe?

 My goodness, last night I was watching TV!  That alone is rare but I saw The Jefferson's, Room 221, Andy Griffith Show..Mayberry, that is.  I saw the sitcom with JJ and Florida and John..can't think of its name.  And..ol' Archie Bunker and Co.  It was a 1970's night apparently.  I actually kept the TV on and watched some of it in between reading. Oh, and Sanford and Son too. Those clothes, the hairstyles and even the glasses they wore were SO funny looking!!

I enjoyed and agreed with the input to my yesterday's blog. Thank you for the thoughts you expressed and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who feels its all slipping away from us.  It seems to be getting so no one feels really comfortable about sticking their hand up..or.. standing up and saying  "Wait a minnit!  This isn't going to work!"  Everyone pretty much knuckles.  I'm a pot calling the kettle black because I don't see ME making a big deal and writing my Senator (HA!!!) or anything else. was a rant and I wanted it off my chest.



  1. Skreeeeeeeech! Now how was that for a fast landing here? I can't for the life of me think of the name of that old show with JJ. All I can think of is his skinny self standing there and saying, "Dy-No-Mite!"
    This morning it was soooo warm here and then by 2, the temps starting dropping very fast. I was clipping ivy back from the porch and started out feeling downright hot, but by the time I was finishing, my teeth were chattering.
    That cherry tea sounds really good! I've never had it or heard of it before. I found this great site for old time, rare, hard to find groceries. I'm going to look for that site addy and send it to you. They just might be the ticket :D

  2. I often watch reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore show and the original Bob Newhart show. Its nice to be reminded of my childhood.

  3. Your diet on that is good idea thoght if you don't know about your cholesterol contents then we would be over size around our waist?:-)

    Thank you for all kind comments Sis
    just thought I make mention of my appreciation
    to you.
    I am already looking forward to next spring time
    for fishing trip with Miss catt & Gypsy:-)

  4. Good Times.

    And hoping that your december holds some delightful days as well.

  5. soup is VERY good diet food.
    Of course homemade is best-but if I have canned I spoon off any fat ontop & add more water.
    I also eat high fiber cereal as a treat or a measure of chocolate chips. May we successful to be more fit!

  6. Congrats on the diet. It sounds like you are doing really well.
    I love Sanford and Son. They are so funny. The son is still living and he is a minister now.

  7. I love those old shows, so clean and funny.I'm trying to keep a log as well, but forget sometimes.We missed out on snow flurries this time.

  8. No snow to speak of her but we had scattered flurries most of the day yesterday and there is snow in the weekend forecast. We haven't been above freezing for a few days now so it's certainly cold enough for the white stuff.