Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun Friday for the little one here

The girl gets to have my son visiting tonight.,.her human brother, and that's always a treat for both of them./ Last time he was here, she had just come back from the v-e-t and she was miserable and sick. No smooches for her as she was hiding.

This time, she can have zillions of smooches and kissies because she feels good again. I don;t know how she has a fur on her head and sides she gets so many kisses from me..and when he gets here, she gets more.

All of my sons are "cat men" having been raised by them. =^..^=

The ice is all gone. Thank goodness as I needed to go out and get some food for tonight's dinner. We are having a casserole. Smells heavenly. I was going to make chili and changed my mind at the last minute.

What's for dinner at your house?


  1. My dinner will be a plate of smiles after reading your post :D
    I am now not only in love with the Admiral, but I'm in love with your boys, too. Any guy that loves and understands cats is my kinda guy. Carole, you did GREAT in bringing them up right -- MUAH! You guys are going to have a wonderful night and so is the lovely Admiral :D

  2. Hi Carole, I think I am going to make that Chicken Dish you had on your blog. I think I got all of the seasonings now.

  3. I'm not sure what will happen for dinner since we have our last Friday concert this evening. We had some nice pork for lunch and that will likely be our primary meal. I hope you have a great time with your son coming over. It's chilly and spitting snow right now but doesn't look like anything serious...I'm thankful for that. Have a great day!

  4. I want to come to your place for dinner. LOL. Mine will be leftover beef stew, made some yesterday in the crock pot.

    Have a wonderful evening and weekend!

  5. My only dish tonight is turnip greens with hog jowl bacon in it. I fried some too and poured some of the oil in the greens, undecided about cornbread.

  6. Mushroom gravy over baked pork chops, baked sweet potato,steamed vegetable medley (broccoli,carrots and cauliflower)and fresh fruit.
    Was good!
    The kitties shared.

  7. Hi Carole, I have just finnished eating my Roast Chicken and Red Potato dish, and it was just awesome. I used all of the seasonings except the salt and, WOW, was it good, and it was easy to make as well. Thank you for the recipe.

  8. Happy for you that your ice is gone. Ours ain't, and probably won't be for a week or so. Couldn't escape to the cabin this weekend due to ice, so did some work tonight.
    Kim will be cooking all day tomorrow, so I fixed supper tonight..... (drive-thru at White Castle)

  9. Sounds like good food, good company,and a happy cat, which makes for a great weekend. Enjoy!
    xx's Dianne :)

  10. I am so glad your ice is gone. We have more snow predicted for Monday. I can't wait. ;-(
    Have fun with your son.

  11. We still have a few patches of ice around. We didn't have nearly what you did.
    We had salad, venison vegetable soup, and biscuits tonight. Followed by peaches with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. :-)