Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Games Continue

I am not getting as thoroughly whipped at Scrabble as I was.  I have stepped up to the plate and won a few despite my youngest's expertise and familiarity with words I thought were illegal but are not.  So now..I am much more armed and ready to slice and dice him whenever I can.   Thanksgiving, I was warring against two of them at once and then, the grandson chimed in.  I was trying to take it easy on him, consequently the little beastie WON! 

The cat said she is not up to par yet but she is better than she was.  Those flea meds knocked her plumb out of the ball park.  I will donate the rest to whomever can use them.  They'll never touch her again.

I have been excellent with what I am eating these past several weeks.  Had I known the chicken fangers were THAT bad, I would not have had them..I don't think.  But honestly I could not swear I wouldn't.  :-)  But it's mostly  fruit and veggies and soup and whole grains..oh...and peanut butter.  My jeans are a faint bit looser.

Just checking in.  See you on the flip side.


  1. Oddly scrabble is counterintuitively a math based exercise.

  2. Hi Carole, sounds like you are having alot of fun and doing well staying away from all those extra calories. Hope Miss cat is soon feeling better. I just got home from our meeting, and doing some catch up. Take care and have a nice rest of the week.
    xx,s Dianne :)

  3. Had a friend who would read the scrabble dictionary and take so many words each day and try to use them in scrabble. He got pretty good at and when I would beat he would blow his top. Yes there is math involved.

    Little bit of yogurt at times helps the stomach. It rally settles mine down.

  4. Carole, we tried those flea drops on Sam when he was a year old and they made him terribly ill, so ill that I took him to the vet and the first thing he asked was if he had just been treated for fleas. He said some animals have a bad reaction and just can't use them. Even a flew collar was too much for Sam so we used flea shampoo on a regular basis along with treating the carpets, furniture and baseboards every couple of weeks.

  5. I haven't played Scrabble in many years. I always enjoyed it. I bet you will beat them all soon.

  6. I don't recall if I ever played Scrabble, but it's gotta be fun and educational as well. I started my steamed veggies again with Olive oil poured over and the last piece of cornbread toasted, so good and crunchy. I hope Miss Catt feels herself soon. I sure won't be using that flea stuff.

  7. I havent play scrabble in so long and I know for certian with my spelling I could win all the time. :) Hope your having some fun Carole.

  8. I hope Ms Catt is feeling better.
    I love Scrabble. Hope you are keeping warm.

  9. One thing I know that you can beaten me so easir
    then I can beat you on Japanese ones LOL!
    Are you sure that you said your jeans are fitted well...it must be well stretch ones ha ha ha just kidding Sis!don't get so seriousness what I wrote in here:-)

    I just come back from Xmas party and I am in a good moods.
    Miss catt has very sensitive skin just like me?
    these day we have a lots of rains it help for my rushs but it going to be scorch summer to come
    that I don't looking forward that...

    You have nice time with Miss catt,

  10. My first cat couldn't even have a flea collar-she would hallucinate! It is better to treat the house than them. Gotta tell you be careful with the peanut butter it's full of fat & sugar-if anything get the natural stuff... I am eating Panettone every morning & my waist is growing :P

  11. It seems like so long that Ive been here... and it IS!! I'm such a negligent friend and I'm sorry.

    Glad miss priss is feeling better... next time kick the little beastie's butt in scrabble... no holds bar!! :-D

  12. There's a guy in our church that is always playing Scrabble...especially when he gets a break in the recording sessions we have. I asked him who he was playing against and he was actually playing the role of four other players LOL! My gosh, that's like those people that play three dimensional chess! I hope Miss Catt gets to feeling better soon. All's quiet here...all's quiet everywhere these days it seems...maybe it'll pick up after Christmas.

  13. Dear Carole, Recently saw the rose photograph you put up on Flickr and think that it is a beauty. As ever be well

  14. I haven't played sacrabble in many years. My sister always beat me. Spelling is a weakness I have, but that's the only one. Well maybe a few more.

  15. I have never played scrabble before, but it sounds fun. I may try to lean how to play it.
    You are doing very well eating healthy! I feel nice when I have only a good food in my system, but then I crave for bad food! It is so difficult to eat healthy.

  16. We used to play scrabble but have for years. Danielle would kick our butts so no going there, lol. She upset here sil when she did it at a similar word game and her mil backed her up.

    I'm afraid I would give in the chicken fingers once in awhile myself. But like you, I like my peanut butter.

    Hope Miss Catt is back to her happy self real soon.