Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot Time in the Ol' Tub Tonight, I guess.

My neighbors took delivery of a pretty big hot tub today. I hope they remain good neighbors and don't make a lot of outside noises (music) because of it when I am trying to sleep at night. (my room's walls are within a few feet of the property line on that particular side of my house. The rest, there's forest and the other house is far enough away.)

I won't get really started but it always amazes me that hardly anyone stops to think..either in the next car, the next house, whatever, that their choice of music may not be what YOU want to hear assuming you wouldn't mind hearing any.

This will likely be the last sunny day as rain is supposed to come in tonight and through tomorrow with it changing to snow and blustery winds Sunday.

I went downtown this mid morning and there was a car parked in the parking lot with it;s windows completely covered, all of the windows in curses and the painters opinion of the owners lack of personal integrity and lack of morals. I had a feeling some female did that as it was awfully neat and it did paint the owner a certain name that denotes a male. Sure enough when I left Penney's there was this skinny young male standing there with a chagrined look on his face. He had the doors opened so I wonder if there was something inside as well.

Vandalism pure and simple. First time I have ever seen anything like that.

Someone else has tried the roasted chicken and red potato dish and likes it a lot. That is pleasing to read.



  1. Here's what you do if their hot tub partying gets to be too much and the music is just too, too loud: Go over there dressed for the tub and make sure you carry an inner tube with you. Yell, "Hiiii, folks!" and don't even ask, just get into that tub with the inner tube and then make doubly sure you stretch out your arms and legs to take up as much space as you possibly can. Then, just grin and say, "Soooo, how's it going?" They'll get out.

    We have this insane car that uses our street as a cut-through every day. He barrels through with the sound system on the loudest number it can reach. It is so loud that the people on the next street over can hear him. And that music? What music. It's that awful, obscene, NASTY rap. All of our windows actually rattle when he's getting close by and when he's in front of the house? Omg, I had a book fall off the table once from the vibration.
    Ok, that's my novel for today. I have got to stop doing this.

  2. Well Jenny has a good idea. Some folks are so inconsiderate.I hope they will be nice.
    We have the same forecast, but you'll get the snow probably and we'll get a
    yesterday, I got skinless, boneless thighs, but I have other spices, no Rosemary. Anyhow, I'm planning on that.

  3. Sure hope they are nice and keep the noise down. You can enjoy a hot tub without disturbing neighbors. I know about noise from cars. We have a young man that does that in this neighborhood and you can hear him coming from 2 streets over. Yes as Jenny said, it rattles the windows when he goes by.

    Do you suppose she got the idea to do his car from the Carrie Underwood song "Before He Cheats"?

  4. Good luck with the neighbours. I won't even start on the basic lack of consideration humans have for others, because I'll be frothing at the mouth within minutes, I'll be so angry. So...Deep breath and I'll just cross my fingers for you!

    The car vandalism was...interesting. I confess I was sorely tempted to do a few nasty things when my ex and I split, but I figured he wasn't worth getting arrested for. LOL.

  5. I cannot help but laugh inside at how foolish the cars are around here with the rap so loud. The entire car is vibrating and the licence plate is buzzing like a piece of junk hanging by a screw BZZ-BZZ-BZZ,,they have no idea how foolish they actually look. Or when I expect an old piece of junk car coming up only to see someone who thinks they are "cool" with their fat pipe sounding like the exhaust is falling off instead of 'cool'.

  6. Hopefully your neighbors keeps a good neighbors
    for you:-)
    It is hard that I remember back in my old home,
    there was big area in only five houses.
    In summer times are naturally way make noise because of the pool party and BBQ etc.

    By law until 1200PM is okay So you need to wait
    for then it is not suit for other people either.

    A few feet away from the property line that I can understand why you were concerns about the noise from hot tubs.

    I agree with the junk cars owner of young people attitude that we have in here too and more you will seen in the close to the city area.

    xoxox to You & Miss Cat & Miyuki & Victoria.

  7. I really like Jenny's idea although ask yourself first if you would be safe. I have had neighbors in the past that were not safe to be around.
    I think I have to try that chicken dish as it is getting such rave revies. I love chicken and potatoes so it would be a winner for me.
    I think that guy must have done something that someone didn't like.

  8. Did you notice that I can't spell reviews?

  9. I would add to JennyD's suggestion that you also (besides the innertube) have a nasty running sore when you join them.

    I always wonder when I see something like the car vandalism you describe, whether the 'victim' is a jerk or the perp is - I am depressingly sure, though, that usually it is both...

    Maybe he just snatched the parking place at the last minute, while the writer had been waiting for 5 minutes for it? That would pretty much get MY attention!

  10. Jenny's suggestion made me chuckle. Although, I just can't visualize you doing that...but, then on second thought. :-)
    When we used to live in a big city, there was someone that drove through our neighborhood daily with their stereo blasting. Made the whole house shake, or so it seemed. Could always feel it.

  11. Some people never consider other people. A lot is just thoughtlessness.