Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not a good day, in a way.

I was doing a bit more Christmas shopping and went to put my purchases into the car's trunk.  The key turned in the lock but that was it.  No pop of the lid opening.  I tried several more times..nothing.  I tried the lever inside the car and it was as though it had already been used as it was loose feeling and did nothing.  I stopped where I go on occasion to ask if they could raise the trunk lid.  I was shocked that they wanted $24.00 just to look at that.  But I was perilously close to bending the only key I have, so...I said OK.  They took it into the bay and the lock assembly actually is broken...where the key goes in.  Danged if the cable on the manual part isn't bad too.  I did get to see both.  The cost is what flabbergasted me.  They had to call the dealership as there is no aftermarket for my year of vehicle easily found.  That will have to be sent over from the big city, the parts that is.  The parts, the labor and our may- a- well say 10% sales tax brought the grand total to $289.00!  They tried to tack on a fee for "supplies" which I refused. 

All you men out there..I can't do it myself so please don't tell me how wrong, stupid, or anything else I am.  I hurt enough as it is.  What a time of year to have to pay so much money.


  1. Oh, that sucks. Sorry for the expression, but it fits! Very sorry!

  2. This just makes me sick for you! We women don't stand a chance when it comes to car repairs, but what choice do we have. I hope the part gets in soon.
    HUGS 'cause I think you really need one right now.

  3. Didn't you just get a locking gas cap too? Cars are expensive. Don't buy any lottery tickets anytime soon.

  4. Carole I don't think your a victim because you are a woman. Everyone is at the dealerships mercy when it comes to parts. Dealers make their money through parts and repairs. On some parts you have no choice you have to get it from the dealer or the manufacturer. Repair shops will always try and weasel more cash out of you. A good, reliable mechanic, though they like to be called technicians now, is a find.
    Auto repairs are never cheap.

  5. Oh my gosh, Carole! I am SO sorry, and it couldn't happen at a more expensive time of the year, too. I agree with Paul, and don't think you're being ripped off because of being a woman -- everyone is ripped off on stuff like this, but what other recourse do we have? UGH. I could send you a giant bungee cord, but I don't think you'd like that. Sorry, I didn't grin, either.

  6. Poor Sis! you no need have that sort of problems in this time of year,I am so sorry to have that.
    I know the cars spare part are very expencive.
    This was a few years ago I had lost one car keys
    (I have spare) I went to copy another keys at the keys place of course they don do with my car's keys.
    The cars company has protect them selves.
    In end I went to the my cars office.
    cost me $450.00.

    You have no hoice but to fixed up in this time of yeras?
    what a pains in the neck and your purse...
    Your son's might help to know somewhere in a good car's dealers?

    Big Hugs,

  7. ackshully, I didn't say that. :-)

  8. WHAAAT.
    can it wait?
    can you get a second opinion?
    not liking this!!

  9. Goodness gracious, that is rediculous. Well unfortunately when push comes to shove we all have to do what we have to do even when it hurts.

    Its been a while since I've visited. HOpe you are doing great despite the outrageous fee thing.

    Have a blessed evening

  10. Hey! You're RIGHT! You didn't say, Carole, it was like the old game of "Pass It On", and damn if it didn't get all out of whack, lol.

  11. It's all good, girl friend. And boy friend. :-)

  12. Okay, Carole, I won't tell you how wrong, stupid or anything else you were, simply because you're not. This comment is not only from a man but from a man who just happens to be a retired master automotive technician.

    Dealer only parts are always expensive and the labor rate is as high as it is because you're not only paying for the technician's time and expertise, you're also paying for the specialty tools in those huge tool boxes you find in every repair garage these days. These days there are so many repairs that require the use of specialty equipment that it's astounding. I had to lay out $50 for a small specialty wrench used solely for repairing a certain module on Fords and that was back in the early 90s. That same wrench is no doubt much cheaper these days because Ford only used those modules for 5 model years!

  13. That's just awful at this time of year. Cars are made today so it's almost impossible for you to work on your own car no matter the gender.

  14. I would have done the same as you, and I know how to repair a lot of those things. Because of my hip, I am not able to do anything physicle. It is sad that everything is so expensive nowadays. I am appalled that the lock and cable are brocken, it shows us all, at how cheeply things are made these days.

  15. Must say, that seems like a lot of green paper for a lock. You didn't have a choice that I can see.

  16. Sorry this happened at all, anytime of the year.