Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Claws and Santa Claus

Santa's Claus and Claws have been here with lots of stuff for all three of my sons and for the household's Boss.  Her stuff started a few months ago. My gosh, there is a huge leaf and lawn bag..one of those big dark green ones filled to overflowing in there, the spare room, a regular sized paper shopping bag full up..wait..two of those are full and..two stand alone..no three stand alone bags and/ or boxes too.  There will be more to come.  That's just from me and the boy's Dad.  They'll be here and bring their gifts too.  The boys love lotsa things.  That hasn't changed just because their adults.  :-) ♥♥♥

Meanwhile, I'm beginning to get a little Christmas spirit.  I haven't gotten any decorations of any sort whatever up and won't until the 22nd. (the cat).

Meanwhile I am still staying strictly away from candy/cake/pie and so on.  My  tea cookies are the German made butter ones.  6 for 110c. This is about a month now I think.  I do need to ramp up my protein intake though.

JennyD, SO glad you all liked the dinner.  Sis, you made it more to your liking with soy sauce.  I hope it was something you enjoyed eating.   It is so easy to do I will make it yet again for the only son who hasn't tried it yet.  He'll be here late on the 22nd.

It was 8 degrees F when I got up this morning and will plunge again from the 20 degrees it managed to make it up to.  Ice on the less traveled roads and so school was out these two days.  Freezing rain up next tomorrow night.  Sigh.  I went out and got food for me and her. We're set.  Boy am I glad I don't smoke any more.  I always used to smoke outside long before that became what you HAD to do.  I did that so the kids didn't have to smell and suffer with cigarette smoke plus the trapped odor in a house is atrocious. 
I couldn't sleep in that smell and thanked goodness my home was fresh smelling though I got wet and cold standing outside as well as hot and sweaty.  :-) All over for the past going on 5 years.

Ciao,  xoxox


  1. Carole, you beat me by a few years on the cig quit. I've been smoke free for 2 yrs (a little over that) and SO glad. I still have cravings here and there, but I took a plastic straw and cut it to cig lengths and puff on that when the craving gets too bad. Luckily that feeling goes away in a matter of minutes, and no matter what, I would NEVER, ever light up again. God, 45 yrs smoking and 2 yrs free; toughest thing to quit in my entire life.
    Anyway, snow is expected again here on Thursday and then again on Sat. and Sunday. Tomorrow I'm going to stock on cat food just in case. They always come first :)
    Christmas at your house sounds wonderful. I'm coming there. Set out another plate, a BIG one, lol.
    And one last time: a big TY for your chicken recipe. Oh Yummm-OOOO. I'm making it again, too (probably next week or over this weekend. Yeah, it's that good). XOXOXO

  2. Good for you for quitting the smoking habit! That's one I never developed, thank goodness. And gees, who can afford it? My mom's a heavy smoker, has been for over 50 years, and her habit runs her $100+ week. No wonder she always complains her pension $ doesn't go far. (She's married and retired, pays for the groceries and things she wants, but doesn't have to worry about utilities, etc.)

    As for the all the presents...What did you ask Santa to bring YOU? :-)

  3. your sons are very lucky to have such a mom...
    Proud of your quitting accomplishment :)
    I quit buying alcohol and allow myself 4 cig.which I do not enjoy haha, ridiculous.

  4. LMAO i loved the post but when i got to the bottom and saw the cat with the hat on i busted my gut lol that is great. Hope you and the boys all have a very merry Christmas !!! OH, and Miss Cat too.

  5. Yes Carole a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  6. Wow Jesse would have fun at your house, that is if you let him help you open your presents. He loves when he gets to help rib off the paper. It is one of his favorite things to do. He only does it if you allow him too help. He loves opening his own presents but is a good boy and doesn't touch anything under the tree. He always seems to know when it is Christmas morning and can't wait.
    Miss Cat doesn't look too impressed with the hat. Hope she is feeling much better and you all have a wonderful Christmas, Carole.
    I quit smoking about a year after Steve and I got married , and am so glad to be free.I quite 14 years ago with the Lord's help and never turned back.:)
    Take care, and stay safe and warm.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  7. Well I have to tell you Our LB is stunning in her fine Christmas outfit../She is priceless. I can imagine you all dressed up too Carole to kill. It snowing here. Im snowed in. ha..Too funny but I love to be snowed in. I can still get out of the house . Its just the roads.
    Stay warm Carole ..Stay safe and keep the shutter finger ready.
    Love and Hugs to LB
    xoxo and you

  8. Every year I have great expectations of having all my Christmas shopping done weeks before Christmas.. snort haha.. I got just a few a couple of weeks ago and am going to finish tomorrow. I'm lame LOL. How did you get your cat to wear that hat? haha so cute!! Have a wonderful Christmas Mrs Claws.. eh Claus

  9. My daughter in law has put a santa coat on one of their cats and its gone out in it! :) I told her she is off delivering Christmas presents and will no doubt return on Christmas Day. Santa Claws.

  10. I was sure I posted on this yesterday, maybe not. Anyway I commented on how very gorgeous Miss Catt looks with the Santa Hat on.

  11. I have an elf cap I'd like to put on Kassey...but.. Miss Catt looks too cute in her cap. I too thought I had left a comment.

  12. So glad you got rid of that pesky smoking habit. Good for you.