Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Night

Saturday night and not too exciting. As a matter of fact I took a ridiculously early shower, and I have my jammies on. Apparently that's what I want to do. I have been busy all day, and I was busy yesterday afternoon..well, all day off and on, and certainly into the evening. Busy again today and I ran out of steam as I have been extremely short on sleep for some time. It more than catches up with me at times. Today is one of those. I may hit the sack at 9.

At least I haven't been trounced too badly in Scrabble, what with multiple games going on. I have the board edition to play during everyone's Christmas break. Yup friends, we are a barrel of excitement around here.

Thank you so much for your comments on the birdy and ice pictures. The birdy was in Missy's blog and the car coated with ice in my own. She naturally had dibs on the birdy for her blog. I put the cardinal into Flickr tonight. This time, I gave it to the Admiral to use first!

Horst if you see this I am SO glad that you tried the roasted chicken and potato recipe. Kea, Horst and JennyD have been brave. I have the ingredients and we're gonna roll it out for supper Christmas eve!!

Guys, I hope you are all well, and have had a good day. I will see you again and ♥♥♥


  1. Boy, if we aren't birds of a feather. It's only 7pm and I was getting ready to put on my pjs, too. Today I delivered all my little Christmas goodie bags to the neighborhood and it took no time, but I swear, I feel like you do and I'm ready for the sack. Sam is already in bed and Lucy was on my chest watching the last of a movie a few minutes ago. It's something about it getting dark so early that makes you want to call it a day/night at 5pm. Sleep well, Carole; I'm going to do my best, too. XOXOXO

  2. I thought it should be getting bedtime, but it's way too early. It's too bad it gets dark so early and Kassey thinks it's bedtime when darkness comes.

  3. sweet dreams gf! I hope you can sleep until you are ready and willing to wake up.

  4. Hey Sis!
    You forgot about my name on the Roasted Chickn..
    mins was without potato.
    I think you are doing too much or just tired?
    Have a good night sleep with Miss cat:-)

  5. I hate to tell you, but going to bed at 9PM is now late for me. LOL. Because I'm up so early, usually around 3:30AM or 4AM, staying awake till 9PM is very rare. :-P

    BTW, Scrabble is the best! Haven't played it in a long time, but I still have an old, well-used game board.

  6. Good morning Sis!
    You must had a good night sleep last night..
    though I think sometime have a early night that
    make you feel better and clearly in your head for play the Scrabble?
    In the early morning awoke by thunders and Iam on the line and no golf today too wett??
    we had rains from yesterday afternoon and still on..I feel like just snuggle under the blanket with?? Miss cat LOL!
    xoxox Sis.

  7. I hope by now you are feeling good after a good night's sleep. 10 PM is my bedtime and I am always dragging by then.

  8. All I want to do after a busy day is just going to bed early :-)

  9. Blessings....

    Sometimes early to bed make for fantastic sleep and restful spirit. Rest at times is the best medicine.

    Feel better