Thursday, December 9, 2010

Supper and then, today. Woo.

Youngest came for supper which once again, that chicken dish is very appreciated! He took home the leftovers. Hr went over the computer with a fine toothed comb and there just isn't any spyware or virus or trojan horses on it. Someone somewhere just decided to use my personal email addy for spam. It's the personal one that I usually keep private except for maybe 4 bloggers. BUT the spammers will be in for a surprise soon as I am buying another Mac. Nothing can infect it. Not that I have an infection now but I always have to worry about it with a PC. Once I get my new Mac, those days are over again. (yes, I have all the stuff on my PC to protect it..just a shame it has to be so much).

AND I will go thru the trouble of completely changing my email address and I'll have to notify my friends. That's a pain.

I didn't get trounced yesterday- but my son won Scrabble by 1 point! Gave him a run for his money. :-)
I have two re-matches going on right now.

I will say I went out with my camera and stopped by THE big box store and asked permission to take pictures, close-ups, of their fruit and they said no. They said it was against company policy. Sigh. Can't even take a picture of the strawberries.

I have been making my way around.


  1. I know Macs are far better than PCs, but of course out of price range for many of us. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new one!

    Chicken leftovers...Wish I had some of that for lunch right now. :-D

  2. When I was doing web site development our graphic artists all used Macs because they said they were superior to PCs for that sort of work. The downside was we had to transfer work via jump drives because the IT people wouldn't allow them LAN access. That's the US Gov't. for you....making thing as difficult as possible and always a solid 10 years behind the times!

  3. I'm anxious to see how you like the Mac. Desktop or laptop? Odd that you can't take photos of the fruit.

  4. I am glad your son found nothing wrong with your computer.
    That is the worst thing about getting a new computer or changing your ISP, a new email address and notifying everyone. I still have some relatives I have never notified. LOL

  5. This morning I found out my internet was not working then may be it cause by too many sent way the Jokes or other??
    You need to change to new email address what a nuisance?
    The other day I found out 43 spams in my Worldpress It's mostly from oversea (Asian countries) that I can tell by their names.

    I was surprise to hear that you can't take photo
    of just fruit?
    it must be just in your area LOL!
    hope your lest of day are nice one,
    xoxox to Miss catt and you:-)

  6. Ahhhhhh, I have MISSED you! But I went back and read all the entries I hadn't seen, so I'm up to speed now. First, Miss Kitt lost a pound? You're right that's a lot on a cat! But it sounded like with her appetite coming around again that she'll gain it back in no time. Probably already has since you posted that. But Carole, those flea meds: toss 'em out. Dangerous crap that is. Way too many animals are deathly allergic to those, and I have to tell you, I had a cat with hyperthyroidism, too, and he became much sicker than my others. I never gave it to him again. Oh, and give you a nice positive vibe: that cat lived 20 yrs :D
    As to the chicken recipe, I can't wait. My plan is to make that this weekend barring any unforeseen emergencies cropping up, so sounds like a "go". I can already smell it and taste it. YUMMMMMMMM XOXOXO
    (PS/ don't worry about those jeans, you're gorgeous no matter what)

  7. Guess you have to sneak the fruit pics with your cell phone camera.

  8. Blessings....

    Always good to have family. YOu have to have permission to take pics of strawberries? hmmmmm, thats a first.

  9. That chicken dish sounds yummy. I have everything except the rosemary, so will remedy that this week.
    Makes no sense you couldn't take pictures of the fruit. Sad...
    Garry had one of his email addresses used for Spam some time back. The way he found out was the ones being returned that couldn't be delivered. Never did find out how or who did it.
    Have a good day! Enjoy it being warmer..low 50's here. Then we're to get cold again.