Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Torpid Tuesday

It's cold..it's cloudy, there's a drizzle. Ugh. BUT there is no ice and no snow. At least not now. All bets are off for Christmas though. I don't like that really as it will make it hard for my boys to get here Christmas day, I live on a hill in a hilly town. Romantics love snowy Christmas's. Nice but hard to travel in.

Meanwhile, my honey baked ham should be in the store by now. There is a satellite distributor here in my town this year and that is where I will go get it, I won't have to travel all the way to the 'big city' as I call it to pick one up with 3 policeman directing traffic for folks wanting to get into the honey baked store. That happened once to one of my sons who went to pick it up and he and I vowed, never ever again even if that means having to do without..which we have done..without. Some things aren't worth the hassle.

I slept great all night long with no disturbance until 6. I laid there anyway till almost 7. Not without a lot of meows from a fainty and starving cat who wanted her canned food. Her dry food just WILL NOT DO when sunrise occurs, you see.

Boys will be here Wednesday. YEA!!!


  1. Write this down for next year's ham: www.figis.com
    It is the BOMB of a ham and I've ordered it many times. Might look pricey but worth every cent. In fact, I sent our Curtis one a couple of years ago and he said it was the best ham he ever tasted. So there you have it; you know he was the expert :)
    (We are now up to a big 40% chance of snow on Christmas day)
    I had to laugh about the canned and dry food fiasco in the mornings. Same here. The dry food is already out (ALWAYS available), yet Sam in particular (Lucy sleeps late) will NOT go downstairs by himself in the morning to munch. Nooooo, I have to walk down and tap his dish, then he eats. They're all crazy. I've been doing this same routine with him every morning for almost 7 yrs. Don't you think he'd figure out that that food is already there by now? It's a conspiracy.
    Uh oh, I can see I'm starting to write you a letter here, so I'll quit. Sorry. The keys get away from me sometimes ;)

  2. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, Carole. The ham will be yummy, I'm sure! Do you do it instead of turkey? Or both, perhaps? I grew up with turkey for Christmas, baked ham for Easter. :-)

  3. Weather about the same here. Hope it doesn't keep your boys away. Will keep a good thought and fingers crossed.

  4. I am glad Miss Catt let you get a good night's sleep last night. It has been long overdue for you. Praying for a safe trip for your boys and longing for a piece of your orange cake.

  5. I have to admit I like being within a very short drive of Walmart so I can get the shopping I need done without going all that far however even there the holiday rush can drive me nuts. I'm glad to hear you slept well...what a treat! We should be getting our warmest weather in a long time on Christmas..go figure but then like you said it's not so easy to get around in terrible winter conditions...I'm not complaining.

  6. Stay warm Carol . I have to drive a long ways to shop and do get exhusted at this time of year. I was up late and watched the moon. Im having trouble sleeping for some reason and I guess that will past. Your ham with be the best Im sure.
    Have a wonderful time with your Boys and Merry Christmas to all of you.
    Many Hugs

  7. So glad you got to sleep!!!!!
    Snow expected here sat. afternoon

  8. Yum! Honeybaked ham. Dee-lish. I know those roads around your 'big city' and you're right that driving on them with snow, or worse ice, is treacherous. Whoever thought of the satellite store was a genius. If only to avoid the crowds and the big city policemen. I haven't been to the 'big city' in years. Next summer we might do a family visit vacation with a stop at the "Branson of the mountains" on the way home. Coffee?

  9. I understand about kitty food. Our little boy just about waif's away when it's 'dinner' time... i.e. time for canned food. He's not getting so he expects 'people' food too... little runt (she says with love)

    Hope you're doing well... be sure to pester your boys for me...

  10. We've got enough ice to share...at least 4 inches thick and that's after 2 days of partial thawing!

  11. Just stopping by to tell you I got Paris a new toy thats made her crazy. It sounds like a bird. Has feathers she cant pull out , is full of catnip and she thinks she is in heaven .
    Have a wonderful rest of the week and Christmas.

  12. What happents with Miss cat? Did you have a good talk to her? I just worry a bit that very unusual manner LOL!
    I bet you fell good after you get sleep well.
    Have a wonderful Christmas time!

  13. I love watching snow. It is just so beautiful. But I agree, not good for travelling :(
    Glad you had a good night sleep. Have a very Merry Christmas!!