Friday, January 28, 2011

The Admiral Lampooned!

I will tell you what!  I have laughed SO hard I have tear tracks on my face and there went my eye makeup!  The Admiral was featured in Wendy's LOL Cats and I have not had a good belly laugh..and lots of them like this in quite a while.  If you know the Admiral, go have a laugh at her expense.  She'll just bite you for it.


  1. Oh my LORD, that is the funniest thing! I need to start following that blog but haven't done it yet. What a HOOT!
    Give Admiral a kiss for me but don't tell her I was laughing ;)

  2. Awesome! Miss Cats doing very well more than our human blogger lol!
    My day start a wonderful one with Admiral's
    gave me lots of laughed made my day.
    Thank you for look at the photos at WLS.
    Today going to be hot summer weather 31C and tomorrow 41C.

  3. LOLOL!! How great was that?!!
    I will definitely not show Myst though- she might tell

  4. It was very creative. Ouch! Hey! She bit me!

  5. Oh by the way Carole the avaerage snowfall around here is about 42 inches in the winter (It's much less in the summer). This winter we've had 60 inches so far and about 38 inches in January.

  6. I knew she was a star but I never would have guessed she had this in her! LOL!

  7. That was cute. The Admiral as we've never seen her.

  8. We had heard rumors to the effect that the ADmiral knew how to let her furz down, but this was more than We expected!

    HRH and the PM