Friday, January 14, 2011

Ah...special day for us

You who knew me in our MSN Spaces days know I love and cherish my children.  Well, the second born, Bruce is having a birthday today.  Each child makes me know all over again, even if every DAY, how fortunate I am to have them as my children.  Nothing on this earth can surpass them as my greatest gift ever.  Happy Birthday Bruce.  Much love. Wish I was there to celebrate the day with you but your youngest brother will be, at least.

I am having the oldest here this evening and thru tomorrow and his fried chicken is already done.  I stuck the little poultry thermometer in it..completely done.  Oh it smells heavenly.  I believe some yellow rice and some peas to go with it all.

 Tomorrows breakfast is no surprise,  Potatoes O'Brien, biscuits, bacon and eggs and coffee.  Nummy.

Busy busy so I will be mercifully short.  ♥


  1. Oh, man, are you making me hungry! Happy birthday, Bruce!

  2. oooOH Fried Chicken, I can almost smell the wonderful odour and I'm drooling...not very Ladylike at all.
    and Happy Birthday to your Bruce, hope he's having a great day. xxPenxx

  3. We hope Bruce has a fabulous birthday!

    Send some leftovers, please. :-)

  4. ...and I didn't even hear the phone ring for an invite. Well! There goes that bd check for the million bucks! Lol, I know, I am sick, sorry. Your fault, Carole. I am typing as fast as I can and getting nowhere. What made me think I could keep up with a 2nd blog when I can't keep up with the first? I mean, I haven't even changed out of pjs for 2 whole days! Don't make me come over there ;)
    BRUCE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAVE A BALL ALL DAY AND NIGHT! I see your older brother is giving you the ultimate gift of eating all the fried chicken :)
    (PS/ I just left Beth's and gave you ALL the credit for my new page)

  5. Happy birthday Bruce and reading all about the meals I'm wishing I was Bruce! That meal sounds so yummy! So with Toodie's post am thinking of spring, with your post thinking about what I want to eat! At least both posts tear me away from the boring day we are having watching the rain and the snow melt.

  6. Happy Birthday Bruce!! May all of your wishes come true.
    And lucky oldest son to be the recipient of some of mom's great cooking. Sounds delicious!!

  7. I've been trying to cut down on my intake big time so just seeing this makes my mouth water in a big way! Happy birthday to your son! Big cool down for us today I hear...sigh, this weather is so tiresome in it's persistence.

  8. Happy Birthday Bruce! Potatoes O'brien. I think I've seen her act.

  9. Happy Birthday Bruce!wishs many more year with healthy happy time for you.
    Enjoy your Mum special cook dinner with your family Miss Catts too:-)
    thinking of you on special day my sister Carole!

  10. Oh my, southern fried chicken at it's best, fried at home. Happy Birthday, Bruce !!

  11. Happy Birthday to Bruce. I understand your feelings as I feel the same. Bruce and Danielle share a birthday today.

  12. Happy Birthday Bruce!

    P:S: I am oh-so-hungry now!

  13. Happy Birthday Bruce! I'm sure you know you have a wonderful mom!
    I always say my kids makes my heart smile.

  14. Happy Birthday to your Bruce. My youngest son is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. I always have pizza to celebrate my kids birthday, I celebrate my part in their birth and lives.