Thursday, January 27, 2011


JennyD gave me and many others a wonderful award called Stylish Blogger and I have it posted up here on the blog. Top and right. :-) I am going to award it too all of you because all of you deserve it. (((HUGS)))

I can't think of too much about me (that I am willing to share with the entire cyberspace world out there) that you don't already know. But I will try a few. :-)

1 I had always had a career that I absolutely have loved and was suited very well to me. Very happy by and large.

2 I am a feminine tom boy. Yup. 'Strewth. I have had to be strong and determined in work but the feminine side is my love of family and animals and my appearance. Not just kitties. All of them.

3 I would expire if I didn't have a book to read. It needs to be paper with a binding too, or a paperback. No reading of books on a device for me except the ones on my iTouch that I read only while waiting somewhere. If you like the devices, why, that's great. Just I'm allowed not to want that for myself.

4 I am a very sociable person.

5 I'm no longer afraid of public speaking. Had to take a week long course at work in Supervisor's Training and that got me over it.

6 I don't like clutter and my horizontal surfaces are almost completely clear in my house.

That be it. If you all want to tell some things about yourselves, it serves to make us know you even better. ♥


  1. Congratulations Twin!! You were one of the very first blogging friends I made. Your friendship is very special to me. What a treat it was for me to find someone in cyberspace that shares my birthday. The pie is ready!

  2. You are deserve for stylish Blogger Award Sis,
    because you and Beth were blog everyday that is
    not many friends are doing:-)
    I am just stay in here to keep it up that all.
    by next week I'll be back to my normal routine
    three time for my golfing hope never be floods anymore?

    I go to bed now 0300.
    Have a nice day,

  3. Congrats on the award. I didn't see anything new. I guess I know you more than I knew ;-)
    Have a great day and maybe take Victoria out?

  4. Clutter is my middle name. I have made stride in the last two years. Perhaps pack rat is a better phrase. I have disposed of a lot and there is more to go. It runs in my family. I am not the worst though. My sister still has all her college papers and books. Outdated encyclopedias and oh yeah, her husband.
    Congratulations on your awards!

  5. And so deserving too. Congratulations! I hate clutter too but with Brody here now it's hard to keep on top of it. I'm not complaining though, I enjoy every minute with him.

  6. I would love to sit under your umbrella and help you eat a whole pie!

  7. An award well deserved I'd say! I only think it a cruel twist of fate that we aren't neighbors! Love the factoids here Carole! Congrats!

  8. Now who on earth couldn't just adore you, Carole? HA, they'd be crazy

  9. For some reason my computer only shows 6 things. :-) Thanks for sharing, although I actually did know part of them. Jenny 'dropped' that thing on me, too, so I'll strive to do it tomorrow. Who said I was a procrastinator???