Friday, January 21, 2011

Bet it won't happen

I am supposed to take the cat in for her fifth day visit to the Vet. She has decided that in order not to be vulnerable, she will sleep and nap in protected places. As for example, she is in her cube right now. I could get sliced and diced trying to get her out and create a lot of stress for us both or wait it out and hope she forgets and goes to her rocking chair. However, after snapping her up for a visit last Monday, she has put two and two together and decided that caution was called for. Therefore, it is late in the afternoon before she might go to the bed or chair to nap. She must know that no visits can be accomplished at those times, hence, she can sleep where I can see her. So..the time for her appt. approaches and ain't no way no how I will be able to scoop her up. This means, throwing ourselves on the tender mercies of the Vet staff and hope she can be carried in sometimes unknown, during the day.

That's all that's on my agenda right now. The snow they promised indeed did get here last night but left nothing on the ground. However, there is snow predicted three times throughout the next week,. Man, nothing to look forward to.

Let me see what you all are doing. Here is the sky off the deck yesterday morning. Because of the electric wires it's not going to Flickr but the sky is pretty through the wires. That was me on the deck peering around the privacy fence in my PJ's at 0630 yesterday. Freezing. But the sky changes quickly so you haven't got time to dress first.


  1. Maybe some enticing aroma will bring her out of hiding hehe. She sure is a smarty cat.
    The picture is gorgeous even with the wires. Granted, it would be better with out but still it's a beautiful sky!
    Have a good day gf.

  2. That picture of the sky is beautiful.
    As for your kitty, I'm not sure cats can be outsmarted :) Have a good day!

  3. I used to leave the porta kennel out and the cat got used to sleeping in it so I was able to bribe it in with a kitty treat.

  4. Fingers crossed Miss Catt and you arrive at the vets cool, calm and collected, Good Luck!!
    Gorgeous Sunrise Photo, could stare at it in wonder for ages. What marvellous colours Nature has on her paint palette...xPen 'n' Bessx

  5. Beautiful sky! When biggified it is magnificent.
    Miss Catt has been doing so much better. I hope you are able to get her to the vet today.

  6. I bigahfied your photo and it is beautiful!
    I hope you can out smart Ms Catt. But alas, she knows you so well. Hope your day goes well, and for the queen too.

  7. The sky is lovely, Carole. The power lines are a pain in the butt. There's some sort of tower in my line of sight so most sunrise pics I get I have to take them into my photo editing program and "clone" it out.

    Good luck with the Admiral. Really. Good luck. Sending (((hugs))) and Light.

  8. What a gorgeous sky!
    Hope you were able to get Miss Admiral into the Vet!


  9. The sunrise is beautiful even with the power lines. I hope you can get the Admiral to the v-e-t. Good advice from Sherry, enticing her maybe.

  10. Skies like that are worth the sacrifice but I hear you on the cold. It's been a very bleak winter so far with no color out there anywhere. I don't honestly know what will happen when I run out of pictures from Ghana to showcase. I guess the bright side is we will be going to Chicago next month so maybe I will at least have some different scenery to gawk at there. Sorry about the on-going trials with the MISS...I know that's no fun at all.

  11. Your picture, very nice by the way, reminds me of an old saying, red sky in the morning, sailors warning. Pass that on to the Admiral.

  12. Poor Admiral. She has to spend her time plotting and planning all her hideouts. Whew, exhausting. I know what it's like, though. My Lucy actually broke a canine tooth all the way to the gum line while she was trying to chew her way out of the carrier -- and it wasn't even to the vets! So believe me, Carole, I sympathize.

    You photo is stunning. What colors!

  13. WoW! I loved the color of the skies with few birds, Didn't you noticed I took picture of you is cute PJ's:-)
    hope you and Miss Cats have a easy time.

    The Tennis: Only One lady and a couple mens left
    in my favorites players.

    I will be back my routine on February.(my golf)
    Some people are still on holiday until the school start.


  14. Hi Carole, Hope you and Admiral were able to get to the vets, and are still on speaking terms, so to speak. I am truly sorry for the both of you. I know it hasn't been easy for either one of you.
    Love your Beautiful Sunrise picture. The colours are amazing. You are so Blessed to be able to capture a sunrise right from your deck.
    Well you take care and have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  15. beautiful foto of the sky.i can take hundreds always different The red is special yes'
    we say red in sky is water in the ditch lol
    ur cat haha i have also such a one.
    they are clever and sleep with ears open
    tc and enjoy ur cat her emotions lol

  16. blessings....

    love the pic, I don't blame the cat, who likes being poked and prodded?

    Have a great day

  17. That Miss Catt is just one smart girl. The sky photo is the colors.