Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday...all day long

IF I can, I have to do that thing again of trying to catch the cat to go to the Vet yet again. He asked to see her again today and it's 3 days since the last pill. It always hinges on me trying to fool her. I can't wear jeans..she knows we're going to the vet (even if we aren't) and I can't take my hair down..she knows we're going even if we're not. (might be the grocery, might be lunch. might be who KNOWS what but to her..we're going THERE!) I don't blame her because it's always hard for her when we're there. I'd hide too. I DO hide sometimes when I have to go to MY Dr. but..only in my mind..I do go.

Me and my Words With Friends..i.e my iPod scrabble games are going much better. I win maybe half- but I still get thoroughly thrashed by one of my sons in between my winning some.

I am dressed and made up..of course that means we're going there! And this time it does unfortunately if she doesn't catch on, and I'm biding my time till I swoop and scoop her up screaming her warrior songs all along the way (I hope).

Glad you liked the bee and flower. It's a look forward to what's to come.



  1. Hope she doesn't catch on until you have scooped up and out the door.
    Have a good day gf!

  2. We should play scrabble sometime on facebook.

  3. I hope that you are able to get your Lady to the vet today.
    Congrats on the scrabble games that you have won.

  4. Glad to hear you're winning. I have yet to beat my daughter at Lexulous (like Scrabble, only 8 letters) on FaceBook. Garry and I played Scrabble the other night...just have to say I won. Although not by much.
    Hope you're able to swoop and scoop your girl without too much trouble. I feel for both of you.

  5. Hope you didn't have too much trouble getting Admiral to the Vet.

  6. Not time to visit the vest again...oh no! I can't blame her either! I've been playing a lot of Nazi Zombies on the i-Touch with my daughter. It's a lot of fun and is very much like the big Call of Duty version of the game...before anyone blasts me Google it! LOL! Anyway, have a good one Carole.

  7. So glad to you won the game of scrabble games.
    Thats someting to cheer up for you Sis:-)
    I don't understand that why you don't have the pills in home? only I can thinking of that maybe hard to given to her....

    Hope Miss Cats agree with go to the VET.

  8. (Michiko, some cats pill and some cats will kill -- meaning, some you can get to take the pills but others, it's a death defying fight. Better the vet does it)
    Carole, by now I'm sure you're home. I've caught up on 3 or 4 of your blogs, lol, and I see there is none listed "newer" now. Whew. Know what I'm going to do? I'm going to rig up one of those old string/tin can phones from your house to mine. PING PING U THERE?
    (OH! ps/you have to see what mr puddy wrote back. it is adorable!)

  9. Admiral is such a smart lady Meow! :)
    It is amazing when cats read us like a book!

  10. Hopefully all went well at the doc. The Admiral is cunning. I sure you had to be on your game to trick her.

  11. I too am hoping it all went well. Carole I know this is so hard for you . Your such a good Mom and you love her to death.
    When my Mom and I would go shopping when she was still with me as soon as she would put on perfume her little dog would not be happy . It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I noticed before she did.
    and yes Im playing catch up agian.