Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Look-New year

I decided to get my hair cut yesterday and when I said that sitting there in the salon's chair, my stylist said "are you sure? It's just past the middle of your back when wet." I looked and waffled some more and finally said let's just do it. So it is shoulder length and in a shoulder length bob. The style is the same as I always had..just it was very long. :-) Now it ain't. Long, it took no styling as all I had to do was put it in a knot on top of my head at bedtime and it would tumble down in waves in the morning when I took out the pins. Now, I will have to work at it but..I needed a change.

I may include a picture for awhile. It is exactly the same as my hair looks now, which is shoulder length. This is a year and a half ago.

I am waiting for a call as we may go out to a bridge and take some pictures. I will call him myself in a bit..soon as I get my face on. :-)

See you in a while. ♥


  1. You look very pretty in this picture, The hair style really suits you.
    Get lots of good pics for us.

  2. I love bobs. There are so many variations to it that it will suit pretty much any face shape.

    I never could wear my hair long, though a couple of times I did grow it to about shoulder length. But my face is very long, so long hair just drags me down and makes me look older and haggard. I always envied those who could wear long hair well.

    By the same token, if I go too short, then all you see is my long face too! And now the double chin. LOL.

    I think your hair looks great there! And as we get older, I think it looks more stylish and sophisticated to be a bit shorter, if it's a good cut. Well, at any length and age, it's all in the cut! Good for you!

  3. I happen to like that look for you and I like that picture a lot. I think that a change like that for the new year is great because it symbolizes a fresh start, good for you!

  4. This is a good photo and lovely hairstyle. You look pretty and the style becomes you. I wonder if Miss Catt noticed, cats are so smart.
    I keep my hair very short, no styling needed with natural curl. I get outta the shower,dress, go or get to work here.

  5. I couldn't really make out much about the hair length....however, I did notice that you are missing a chin!

  6. Now how adorable is that! You couldn't look any cuter if you tried, Carole :D I miss the long hair I used to have. It was so easy to just pile it up and let it down on a whim; but on the other hand, now that I keep it short, I never have to do anything and it dries in a blink. Pluses to everything, right? Did Admiral notice anything different? Mine never do, although once some years back when I did my hair auburn (it was the bomb) my cats had no idea who the stranger was who walked in the door calling their names ;) And they say cats can't tell colors, HA and HA again. Tell that to the cats.
    Carole, are you sure you have grown sons? That gal in the mirror cannot possibly be over 20 yrs old! XOXOXO

  7. Now that's what I call a Diva. What a household you have. A Dive and her Diva cat. Love the hair cut. I keep mine short. I like the ease of care, thought that could be the lazy side of me, lol.

  8. I used to have a very short style. After looking at pictures of myself I realized I needed some hair around my face, so I grew it out. Now I have a bob too, but it just comes to my chin and is very short in the back. Which with my straight as a arrow hair is a must. I absolutely have NO body in my hair at all. Thank goodness there is hair spray! Your hair looks beautiful.

  9. I normally cut my hair in the summer time..
    It is now but so far I don't cut short yet..
    Enjoy take photos.

  10. hi there you,
    lovely, lovely photo... and lovely hair style...
    I'm still trying to sort myself out on Blogspot, I keep updating Wordpress then forgetting about updating here, but how do I fill the two places equally?...ferzackerly...I don't get the time and Bess tells me off for just having the one site, imagine the fuss if she found about about this one?.!! Seeesh!! I'd best sort out how to 'follow' again...in a nice way of course!!

  11. Nice to see you. :-) I've been letting my hair grow long. Just seems easier to take care of.

    Take care.

  12. I like it too! I've thought of letting my hair grow as I've had it short for so many years but I just can't get past that shaggy stage.

  13. Carole Im sure you look beautiful with long or short hair. Should lenght sounds very nice on you.