Sunday, January 16, 2011

Semi Sunny Sunday

I'll take it though... semi sunny or not.  The long range and short, for that matter is rain or winter mix the next 6 days.  Man alive. 

I had to go get food..the cupboards are as bare as I have seen them for awhile.  On purpose because I had too much out of date.  Can't use it if you don't see it.

I'm trying to get up the nerve to go in and remove the dresser drawer that is stuffed to the top and more with undies.  I confess:  I am a bra and pantie o'holic.  I have so many it's ridiculous.  Yeah, they've been worn but not winnowed out.  I keep a drawer full in the chest by the bed for every day,.  The others are there in the other chest of drawers all because I said " Oh, this is so cuuuuute!" too many times. I am going to have to be brutal.  I also have too many tops for the same reason.  Gees.

OK.  I'll go get to it.  I just hate thinning out clothes.  I know..quit buying them.

Here is a reminder of seasons to come with a crop of one of my summer pictures.


  1. No sun here and I haven't seen it's pretty face for several days now :(. Makes for a gloomy girl.
    I should clean out my drawers just because they need it lol.
    Have a great day gf!

  2. I have had cleaned my pantry and others too.
    I loved the bees picture..At New Zealand the Bumblebees are so cute:-)
    I am pretty busy for cleaning up garden and inside house too.

  3. I just love thinning out clothes! Well, I love to declutter and thin out anything. Love it, love it, love it. I always have stuff piling up in the guest room, ready to make its way to the garage and eventual donation. You have to let go of things to make room for the new to flow in. I think it's a universal law. :-)

    -19C windchill here today. I ought to have gone for groceries, but wussed out. I'll scrounge for supper (oatmeal is fine!), go tomorrow when I have to leave the house anyway, for work.

    Annie had a couple of bites to eat, slept up on a chair for a bit, but now has returned to the basement. If she's eaten a few tsps of food in the past 24 hours, I'd be surprised.

    Oh, Carole....Maybe it's time for heavy-duty CB purrs? :-(

  4. I have been thinning out magazines today!
    I wish there were someone that would read Audubon,scientific american,PC world..etc.
    Unfortunately it just isn't any one's style here.
    I collected leather jackets, I cannot buy anymore because I love them all.

  5. I cleaned out all of that drawer and threw away half a kitchen trash bag!!

  6. I visited the grocery store today too.And I sure need to clean out my undie drawer plus other drawers too. ;-)
    I have more stuff now ready for good will.

  7. It was mostly sunny here today. A very welcome change from the gray we've been having.
    I like your bee picture.
    There are a few things around here that need thinned out, too. Seems I'm good at bringing them in and not so good at turning loose of things. :-)

  8. Well I will be forced to go to the grocery store but that's because I work there. I have plenty of underwear but I got rid of all my bras.

  9. I'm the opposite when it comes to undies.. I have to drag myself to buy them! Oh.. to Peacefu re: magazines... if you have a local Veteran's hosp. you could donate them to he waiting rooms. Lots of guys and no magazines for them!

  10. I'd settle for rain, wind, snow....anything but the dead air allowing the heavy smoke drifting up the road to hang low and trigger my asthma. At the moment I'm nebulizing Albuterol, HATING the taste and fantasizing about figuring out who is burning damp wood and showing them a real fire....whole house! They're safe for the time being because I can't step outdoors but I can fantasize!

  11. I'll go you one better, Carole. I see "THE" perfect undies in the store, buy them even though they are too, too small. BUT they are soooooo CUTE, and "maybe" I'll fit into them one day. Sick. Really sick.
    I am dying laughing over what Dana said!

  12. Gotta get on the closets again. I started on kitchen pantry today and have plans for filling some collected boxes from Christmas. Love that bee photo.