Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow..wish it would quit

Well, I just saw Horst's back yard and I have nothing much to say about our snow here after seeing his snow THERE where he lives in Canada.  Good grief! I will say I am well and over it here.  We usually don't get much but last year and this year we have.  but nothing like they get in the Northern States and Canada.

One last word on last blog topic..I am not convinced in any way shape or form that these animal deaths all over the world are a natural phenom.  We'd know, even if we had to use Morse code  or beat on drums through the years, if that happened on the scale it is now. That said, I quit.  I just won't bury my head in the sand over it.

I did get out yesterday and today briefly and there are snow showers right now.  Just not any rerason to spend any more time outside than I already have..so here I yam.  Just like Popeye!

Making my way around on the blog walk.  You guys seem to be doing alright so far.


  1. About 5 inches of new snow so far this morning and it is still snowing.
    I am very glad you were able to get Miss Catt to the vet yesterday and I say a prayer of thanksgiving with you that she is eating better today.

  2. So many places in the States have had FAR more snow than our area in southeastern Ontario....It just seems to be a bizarre winter. Last winter too -- we didn't *have* winter! It was great -- lol.

    But take heart, it's already a third of the way through January. Soon it will be February, then March, and Spring will be here again.

  3. It's snowing here too but not too bad, nothing like the east coast is getting. I feel the same way you do about all those dying birds and animals, something strange is going on and it's kind of scary isn't it.
    Well, have a good day gf.

  4. My parents are visiting my Brother in Atlanta, and he just sent me some pictures of what it is like there (some of which I posted)...it's bizarre, they've never had snow like what they've gotten this year.

  5. We got snow last night, but I never knew it until morning. I've not heard anything about animals dying, just birds and fish. It is too strange.

  6. black birds roam in huge flocks and if a flock gets into poison grain of any type there will be mass die offs.... even bad water..

    snow oh so much fun... slippin' n a slidin'

  7. I think you needed have rest yourselves...
    After big worried about Miss cats:-)

  8. Snow has more than worn out it's welcome just about everywhere. Even though we're used it, we're definitely tired of it. Oh Spring, where are you?

  9. Yeah we got some snow as well. 30 inches in the western part of the state. I'm not sure what we got here in the Boston area but it looks like it's as least 15 inches maybe 20. It's hard to tell because of the blowing and drifting.

  10. Last winter and this one have been much colder and snowier than our first 5 in this state. Still not like Illinois, where we had lived, but close enough.
    I'm with you on the birds and fish dying...something going on there.