Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have cleaned this house top to bottom. I would never trade a clean house for no kids. Not even in a nightmare. So, I truly don't mind that everything is dirty. I know I can clean after they're gone and that is soon enough. So I got cracking in the kitchen first off and then, made my way back to all of the rooms by virtue of vacuuming. The Lady doesn't mind this vacuum. She does not like my spare vacuum as it's not the sound she's used to. But this one..she never even raises that little head.

After all the cleaning, waxing and dusting I gritted my teeth and cleaned the bathroom. The tub and shower surround and sink were in dire need. One wee lady such as myself and a little girl don't leave the bathroom without drying and cleaning up and squeegeeing after ourselves. :-) We understand a pack of men don't look at it thataway. And I absolutely don't care. I can always clean later.

My girl scared me some this morning as it appeared she didn't eat. But later she had some food. Then, throwing caution to the winds I cracked open her old food and threw it in her plate, cold. (I only warmed it to get it stinkier to tempt her appetite) and she tucked right in! That was her late lunch and her early supper consisted of the refrigerated same food..(that's what she's used to) and again, she tucked right in. Now drinking..that's another story. Sigh.

We are so looking forward to sinking into the freshly made bed (she got there first when I was trying to make it!!) and the sun filled pillows that I put out early in the morning till 1400. That will smell heavenly all night.

My last three pictures of the cat in Flickr made Explore. Amazing!! Two were re-posts as I was telling her kitty friends on Flickr about her problems asking for any ideas. One was taken New years Eve. But all three made it to Explore. Coolness. First smile for me for a few days.

I've been around and have more rounds to make. ♥


  1. Congrats on getting all the cleaning done! Feel free to head here and do the same. :-D

    And this is good news that the Admiral ate! A huge relief for you, I'm sure. Fingers crossed she continues to do so. BTW, Annie doesn't drink. Ever. I saw her sip at water a couple of times when she was first adopted, but never again. I don't think she's just a sneaky drinker -- I think she doesn't drink at all. Not going to help the bladder infection, and no wonder her BUN is showing dehydration.

    What is "Explore?" I know this as a Canadian outdoor magazine. Or as something related to tourism. Somehow I don't think that's quite what you mean. :-)

  2. Admiral may be getting enough liquid from the foods she is eating. I rarely see Boo or Gracie drink. Abby is another story, she likes me to cup my hands under the running water from the faucet and drink from that. I am so glad Admiral is better. And cleaning always makes one feel better too.

  3. I just LOVE this new photo of her! She fairly glows with happiness :D And the news of eating some on her own accord was great news. Luckily in canned food there is lots of moisture so she isn't entirely without fluid. Things are lookin' up.
    Loved your phrase "got cracking on". I think it's only we Southerners that say that. Get crackin'.
    You're right about the cleaning, too. I don't think I've ever heard someone say at a funeral, "Yeah, she didn't have many people around, and her kids hated visting, but boy, she sure did have a clean house". Geez, spare me.
    I'm grinnin' right now, Carole, because things seem to be much better than yesterday. Will wait for your post tomorrow with happy anticipation for good news. Will still keep both of you in my prayers because you can't have to much of that, right? XOXOXO

  4. A good news that Admiral ate the foods,
    I guess it takes a little time to setting down?
    This side of my friends cat 17 years old has been sick too but this is a part of ourlives Isn't it?
    RE: how is my Christmas? It is mix feeling as you know after few problems BUT it is all works out bright side Thank you for asked about that Sis!
    The cleaning house is make you forgot about everything and good for your physically way....

  5. Enjoying the kids is the important thing. I remember a little poem I once read.

    "Be quiet cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
    I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep."

    Happy to here her Highness is eating again. Every little improvement eases the mind.

  6. Glad to hear the "Boss" is feeling better. Which, makes you feel better and more relaxed.
    Hoping y'all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  7. Lovely shot of the Lady. I am so relieved to hear she is eating better.


  8. Sis.. I am here for you as you certainly have been for me. I stand beside you and hug you when you need it. Please know there are many prayers sent from me to you and to Ms Catt for her recovery. Knowing how she hates that carrier and those visits to the vet.. this must be a tramatic time for her and you. I send you blessings and thoughts everyday. : )

  9. My mother would mix some water in with her cats food as a way of getting him drink.

  10. I have to admit having my kids around doesn't make me feel much at ease when things get really messy. Christmas left a chaotic mess around here and I felt better when that got cleaned some. Glad to hear you little Miss is feeling better, I'm sure that's a great relief to you.

  11. So glad you had the time with your much more important than a clean house. Like you said, you can always clean later. Glad to hear your girl is eating.