Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Saturday

I had the oldest here for the night and part of today but he went back to his place, carrying leftovers of course (and some clean laundry) :-)

I took the motorized Droll Yankee bird feeder down for a badly needed cleaning. I probably won't get it back up again till sometime tomorrow as it has to dry thoroughly. It hold 5#'s so it's a big one. Boy that was a job of work! My youngest gifted me with a long brush specifically for Droll Yankee feeders and while it helps, you sure do get a good splattering all over yourself as well. I don't like that cheap bird seed, sunflower CHIPS, not hearts, from W-Mart. I won't buy it awful waste of money as it is like dust.

In a few minutes I'll run down to the feed store and stock up.

Miss Priss, the Boss, is acting afraid again. A commenter in her blog suggested that she may have something akin to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as she panics at anything I do that she associates with going to the Vet. I don't blame her. It's hard to be a little 9 pound kitty and someone snatches you up and no matter how sorrowfully you cry, she won't relent and you have to go every third day to that place for unpleasant things! That was too much for my girl, and now, all I did was put food in her dish and this time she thought I was going to snap her up and she ran and hid. It hurts my heart. But I can't make it go away. Every other day or so she spends most of her days under the bed. It's sad.

OK. Getting ready for getting some seed. Come on along. Make sure I get the good stuff.


  1. Happy seed hunting. Our house now doesn't really have a good tree to put a feeder in unlike our other house. I miss that though, quite a bit. I hope that the Miss recovers a bit from her trauma however it may be this is a thing set in her head for keeps now. We remain in a state of waiting for the next big storm. Chance of precipitation: 100% through tomorrow they say and that's 3 inches of snow they're talking about. I pray Lovely quickly gets home...sigh...not how I like to spend my weekend.

  2. Alot of walmart products are what I call "Floor Sweepings" including GV cereals,chips,etc. Extremely poor quality full of crumbs or rock sized blobs.

  3. Hugs for Miss Catt and for you!

  4. Just remember the country nearly 100% of the stuff W*lmart purchases from and you know why most of it is less than suitable.

    Oh dear Sweet Admiral...she does not like going to the Vet at all, don't blame her, don't blame her a bit.

  5. Awww, sweet Admiral. Carole, whisper in her ear that her aunt Jenny and Lucy and Sam love her. Then let her have anything she wants, anywhere she wants it. Maybe that will help. We're hoping so.
    Love to our BFFC and to you ~~

  6. I feel badly for Miss Catt and you. I looked at Lowe's for sunflower hearts...just chips, so didn't buy any. We didn't go to the feed store. We are trying not to go to that other place anymore...time will tell how successful we'll be.

  7. It's heart breaking to hear what Ms Catt and you are going through. Hugs

  8. Carole I am really sorry to read this news about you, and Miss Cat. It must be so hard.
    Good luck with the birdfeed, and I bet if you get the good stuff, those little birdies will sing you a happy song, and pose so you can get some really good shots.
    Take care and I hope things soon start looking up for you both.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  9. I have not will never shop at Walmart. All they do is sell cheap crap and drive other businesses out of business including American Manufacturers who won't give them the products at Walmarts price. On the suface they may seem like a good deal for the consumer while on the other hand they are forcing American jobs overseas because of cheap labor. They are not good for America. They are getting rich, well they are already rich, by providing goods for Americans who lost they're jobs because of their business practices. Sorry about the rant but they are just too big and powerful.

    I'm sorry about MissCatt. I certainly understand why she feels the way she does, but it is understandable.